Woman Gets Called “Abuser” For Feeding Only One Kid Frozen Food, Asks If That Makes Her The A-Hole Here

A mother’s efforts to accommodate another child’s picky eating habits escalated dramatically after his own mother allegedly equated it to child abuse.

Redditor u/homecook1000 was recently surprised to discover one of her 9-year-old son’s friends had accompanied him home on the school bus and wanted to play. After double-checking with the boy’s mother, she was asked to host the child until 10pm that night.

“I serve dinner around 8, so he would be eating with us,” she explained. “I cook a lot of Indian cuisine in my house because that’s what I grew up making. My son told me his friend was picky and asked if I could make him something else.”

The original poster was prepared for this sort of request, noting that she keeps chicken nuggets and fries in the freezer for whenever her son has friends over who won’t eat Indian food. Dinner came and went without issue, and she said the boy seemed happy with his alternative meal option.

But after the child’s mother picked him up, the Redditor received a text asking why her son was the only one who was given freezer food for dinner.

“I told her my son said the boy wouldn’t eat what I was making. She said I should have made him something also instead of just getting freezer food. I told her I had provided free childcare without notice, and her kid chose not to eat what everyone else ate,” she wrote. “She told me she wouldn’t let her son stay with a child abuser anymore.”

The audacity of demanding a separately home-cooked meal for one unexpected guest as well as calling someone a “child abuser” for feeding a kid chicken nuggets had Redditors howling.

No good deed goes unpunished, apparently. However, it would almost be worth seeing this woman attempt to report someone to the authorities for this form of “child abuse.” Guess she’ll just have to settle for no more free childcare for her son instead.