Woman Hits Back At SIL For Insulting Her Flat Chest And Asks If She Went Too Far

Unbelievable that it’s 2023 and I still have to say things like — your shape and size are nobody else’s business.

Of course that’s true, which makes it all the more infuriating that u/Shesaidhesaid7 recently had to ask Reddit if she was a jerk for her response to her fiancé’s sister’s comments about her body. GIRL, OF COURSE NOT.

Check out how awful OP’s future SIL is below:


To get this out of the way: I’m a flatchested girl. I suffered from health issues and growth problems so I’m small but I’m proud of myself.

OP says she headed to her future in-laws house for a niece’s birthday. She wore a pretty dress and his sister made yet another comment.

My fiance and I went over to his parents house for his niece’s birthday. I wore a sweetheart shape dress and my sil (Mel) who always comments on my chest, saw the dress and went like “this dress needs boobs, you ain’t got any”.

This woman told OP that the dress she wore required breasts and OP had none. Gross. OP ignored her, then this absolute nightmare of a person suggested surgery before the wedding so she doesn’t ruin the dress.

I ignored her but then at dinner she asked if I was planning on getting a plastic surgery before the wedding so that I don’t “ruin” the wedding dress. I found this offensive especially when others were watching.

Later, OP gave her sister in law a taste of her own medicine by insulting her SIL’s nose.

I said nothing but when we were sitting in the living room later, Mel suddenly started wiping her nose and trying to clear it (it’s stuffed due to cold apparently). She has a large nose so I smiled and asked “do you need help with that? I could get the plunger for you.”. She was stunned and the room got awkward after her husband was laughing.

Her fiancé wasn’t happy with the scene and now the sister wants an apology.

She was fuming and told my fiance that I stepped out of line and ruined her daughter’s birthday with my words that humiliated her. My fiance said I shouldn’t have caused a scene after his parents told us to leave. I explained how her comments made me feel but he said she said it was out of concern but my comment was out of hate.

Now she’s expecting an apology. Did I go too far here?

What a nightmare of an in law! Reddit also thought the in laws were out of touch.

“Where are you women getting these men that wouldn’t stand up for you against their family bullying? You might want to condider the relationship ?🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ NTA, by the way. She deserved every bit that came to her. Your man is an asshole, though. An apology for what?” one user wrote.

Another chimed in, “NTA. Did your fiancé actually say her comments about your chest were “out of concern?” I think you should post pone this engagement if that’s how he really feels. Good on you for getting her back because it’s horrible for someone to comment on someone else’s body.”

A third noticed how dumb the sister in law’s excuse was: “I’m sorry what? Her comments about your flat chest are out of “concern”? That is an impossibly stupid defense. You are NTA, and also hilarious.”

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