Boyfriend Goes Off On Girlfriend For Sneaking Vegetables Into His Food, She Asks ‘AITA’

Would you sneak veggies into someone’s food? Because it may make you an a-hole!

Or at least, that’s the point of u/throwaway3546364738‘s recent question to Reddit’s AITA sub. She isn’t entirely sure if she’s wrong or not about hiding vegetables in her boyfriend’s food — let’s take a gander at what OP calls “the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever had with a grown man”.

OP and her boyfriend moved in together about four months ago.

I (28f) have been with my boyfriend (36m) for a year and we moved in together about 4 months ago.

She noticed quickly that he didn’t really eat vegetables.

One of the first things I noticed about my boyfriend was that he never really ate vegetables. He would sometimes eat them if we were out at a restaurant and they came as part of his meal. But he never ate them when I cooked for him.

Since OP is the one who cooks, she thought maybe it was her; nope, he loves her cooking. He just… doesn’t eat vegetables.

Originally I thought that maybe my cooking was the problem so I asked him if he enjoyed my food and he told me he loves my cooking. On nights I didn’t cook for him, he ate exclusively frozen foods and never ate the vegetables in those either. Naturally, he has some health issues.

The lack of veggies is causing some health issues — and OP realized why he has those issues now.

Vitamin deficiencies etc. he had phrased it to me as if he was somehow just genetically unlucky. I believed it for a while bc idk how that stuff works but eventually it became clear to me it’s because he voluntarily eats a vegetable like once a month.

So she started hiding vegetables in the cooking. She’d blend vegetables for sauces, etc.

6 months ago I started hiding vegetables in my cooking. If I was making pasta I’d put the vegetables in I’d usually put in for myself, then take half out and blend it so he wouldn’t notice the vegetable chunks and then tell him I’d just scooped the veg out of his portion. This happens more often now we live together because I do all of the cooking.

Lo and behold, the boyfriend is starting to feel better and he’s been able to cut back on medications.

He’s been telling me a lot lately he’s been feeling a lot better the past few months and has even had his doctor reduce the dosage of some of his medications and he hasn’t had to take his multivitamin in weeks. I kept my mouth shut because I’m just glad he’s feeling better and it really does me no harm to hide the veg in his food.

Recently, while OP was cooking pasta, her blender died and she decided to serve the meal with chunks of veggies instead.

Yesterday, I was making one of our regular pasta meals (it’s one that’s very easy to hide at least 4 veggies in) and i was about to blend my boyfriend’s portion when the blender died mid-blend. I had to serve it in all its veg chunk glory.

Her boyfriend was confused by the taste being the same even though there were vegetables, so OP confessed. He blew up at OP… so is she in the wrong?

My boyfriend refused to eat the vegetables but when he tasted the sauce he said it’s weird how it tastes the exact same even though this one has veg in it. So, I confessed. He screamed at me and called me a controlling bitch and said that it’s none of my business if he thinks vegetables don’t do anything. I pointed out he said he felt better. He said his health was none of my business and that I’m a controlling, judgey AH and stormed out of our apartment to stay with his sister. His sister texted me to say he’s fine but she agrees with. him. My friends agree it’s ridiculos that he didn’t eat veg but agree I’m being an AH. AITA?

This is, as OP says, the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard.

One Redditor said, “NTA. This is a grown man 8 years older than you. If he has a problem with your cooking, let him make his own food. He’s already coddled by his sister and doesn’t/shouldn’t need to be by you.”

Another was even harsher.

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A third person wrote, “No. You are NTA in anyway, and I don’t care what anyone says. I admittedly was the same way, till my girlfriend kinda got me to start. I’ve felt much better afterwards and just. Yea. Minus squash. I will straight up fight someone over having to eat that nasty hell food lol.”