Woman Called “Privileged” For Not Taking The Fall For Her Friend Who Got In A Car Accident Without A License

Sometimes, a friend will ask you do them a favor that you’re not exactly thrilled about. But what if you had a friend who asked you to commit a series of crimes because they were caught doing something stupid?

One Redditor was involved in a car accident with a friend who, turns out, does not have a license.

When the driver asked the OP to switch places with her, the OP refused. Now, the OP is being bullied by the driver and her friends and family for not taking the fall. 

“A friend of mine Daya (fake name) asked me if I wanted to come with her on some errands and see her new car. I said yes because I had some things to get done and my car was being checked over. (We’re in the same bubble and stayed masked the whole time.)” 

While they were out, Daya ended up hitting another car while turning left. Both were fine, but when the OP started to call the police to report the accident, Daya started freaking out and begging the OP to put the phone away and just talk to the other driver. 

“I didn’t feel comfortable not calling them so I went ahead and did. Then Daya started begging me to get in the driver’s seat, saying I had to get in the driver’s seat, I had to claim I was the one driving. Turns out Daya doesn’t have a license. She needed/wanted a car but didn’t feel like getting her license so her mom bought the car for her.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable lying to the police so I continued to refuse and just got out of the car and waited on the sidewalk for them to get there. Well, Daya got arrested for driving without a license, insurance, or registration for her car and just told me today she has been found at fault for the accident. Now Daya, her mom, and half of our friends are saying I’m an a**hole for not just switching places. She is now facing multiple fines, possible jail time, and being kicked out of our MA program because of all this. I tried to explain that I didn’t feel comfortable lying to the police but she just keeps calling me a “privileged b***h” and wishing horrible things would happen to me.” 

What do Redditors think of the situation? 

“NTA. You could get into financial, legal trouble (insurance fraud) for lying. You did the right thing. She’s mad because she brought all this on herself,” said Revolutionary-Bus448

“Daya is NOT a friend. Her request to switch seats would have landed Op in unnecessary legal and financial trouble. Everything she did that day is contrary to what a friend is suppose to do. Did she even ask Op if you were okay after the accident? I would cut her out of my life and block anyone trying to blame you for not taking the fall,” advised hello_friendss

“Exactly. All the people blaming OP aren’t taking that into consideration at all (or just don’t care, either way it makes them crappy people). If being a ‘good friend’ means putting myself in legal trouble because of another friend’s stupid decisions, I’d rather be a lousy friend. Besides, you can’t decide ‘Oh I don’t need a license.’ and expect NOT to face consequences. That’s just insane,” said Cyclonic2500

“Privileged is having your mom buy you a car, drive with no license, insurance, or tags, get in an accident and think the consequences don’t apply to you because someone else will take the blame. This is not OP’s friend and neither is anyone saying she should’ve taken the blame,” said Safe-Calligrapher-76

“She’s been massively selfish, first in just thinking she has the right to drive around without a license or insurance. Absolute AH thing to do. Secondly in just assuming you would carry the can for her. Maybe if you’d gone a long with it there wouldn’t have been any consequences, maybe there would. You could have been charged wit dangerous driving or for perverting the course of justice. It’s not on you to take that risk all because of her stupidity. Imagine having the balls to call you a privileged b***h! This girl sounds like she just swans around thinking the world owes her a favour and none of her actions should have consequences. Her life isn’t ruined. Maybe she’s going to pay a high price and learn a pretty tough lesson but that’s fair. It’s up to her to learn that lesson, be a better person, and put this behind her,” said ghostofkilgore

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