Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Laughing At Her Date Who Said Periods Come Out Of Butts

A woman’s evening turned super awkward after she got into an unexpected disagreement with her date regarding where, exactly, people bleed from during menstruation.

The anonymous poster shared the story on Reddit’s Am I The A—hole page, wondering if her reaction to how things played out made her a jerk. Things started well enough, she said, noting that she had gone on a few dates with this guy before and he recently came over to her house for the first time.

“Since it was going to be at my place I let him know before that I was on my period because I wasn’t sure what expectations he had or where his boundaries were yet, and we agreed to just have a nice takeout dinner and watch a movie,” she wrote.

Things got strange not long after the guy, out of nowhere, mentioned that he “thought it was so strange that women give birth through the vagina but have period from their butts.”

At first, the OP thought she might have misunderstood what he said, but when he repeated himself, she thought surely he must be joking. Instead, her date started going off about how his previous girlfriend in high school used to complain about “period poops,” which apparently led him to the conclusion that bleeding out of your butt is how periods happen.

“It was very unexpected coming from a 22-year-old man,” she admitted. “I somehow managed to keep my composure when I told him that periods do in fact come out of the vagina and not butts.”

It should come as no surprise that her date questioned her authority on the matter, convinced that he was right even after she started explaining the anatomy and the process.

“Eventually he conceded that most women must have periods like that, but some, hence his ex-gf, have their periods from their butts. He just could not understand no matter how many times I tried to explain it to him that he had just simply come to the wrong conclusion and misinterpreted his gf’s words,” she wrote.

At a certain point, our storyteller says she could no longer stop herself from laughing at the whole situation, which prompted her date to leave before they even got to the movie. After he got home, she said he texted to announce that he had done is own research and also that “he was no longer interested in pursuing any sort of relationship because he couldn’t stand to be with someone who laughed at someone for ‘not understanding.’”

Redditors very much sided with the woman in this scenario, pointing out that she tried to patiently explain things to him but he made the decision to argue and not back down.

While commenters were all too ready to tell the poster that she dodged a bullet, she admitted she still has “so many questions” about the whole situation. 

And judging by her date’s ignorance, she’s not alone in that.