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Woman Refuses To Raise Her Seat For Tall Passenger Because It’s Pressing Their Knees, Flight Attendant Steps In

Flying isn’t always as luxurious as it sounds. From taking away leg room to extra fees, airlines are notorious for finding ways to nickel and dime passengers. 

There’s a certain etiquette acceptable while on a plan. After all, everyone is in an enclosed space surrounded by strangers, and being curious about others should always be considered.

Unfortunately for one Redditor that wasn’t the case when he told a flight attendant to ask the passenger in front of him to raise her seat up because it was pressing on his legs.

After the woman in front of her told him she wouldn’t move her seat up, he went to the flight attendant

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After his experience, he turned to the popular subreddit “Am I The A**hole?” (AITA) to find out if he was in the wrong for asking the flight attendant to tell the woman in front of him to move her seat up. Here’s what she said:

AITA for telling the flight attendant to ask the woman in front of me to raise her seat up because it was pressing on my legs?

OP Explains:

I was recently on a long (3+ hour) flight. When we got airborne, the woman in front of me reclined her seat back, pressing them down on my kneecaps. I am a tall person (6’5″) and generally don’t fit into coach seats easily. I couldn’t even put my tray down. Leaning my seat back doesn’t really help.

I wrangled myself out of my seat and asked her politely, “I’m sorry ma’am, but I wonder if I could impose on you and ask to please raise your seat up just a few inches? I don’t have much space back there and with your seat pressing on my kneecaps, neither of us will be very comfortable during this long flight. Thank you.” She just looked at me blankly, said “No”, and closed her eyes

I walked to the front of the plane and explained my situation to the flight attendant, who went back and spoke to the woman, who then reluctantly raised the seat up a bit. When I got back into my seat, the woman turned around and hissed “Asshole” at me.

AITA? Should I have just kept my mouth closed and sucked up for the remainder of the flight?

He followed up saying he normally would book a seat with the extra room but this was a last-minute business trip

EDIT: I normally book the seats with extra room, but this was a last-minute business trip and all the extra-room seats were already booked.

The Following Are Acceptable Responses:

NTA – Not the A**hole
YTA – You’re the A**hole
NAH – No A**holes Here
ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Commenters Seemed Split For The Most Part Here’s What They Had To Say:

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