Waitress Asks “AITA” For Refusing To Serve Kid Mac & Cheese Because It Always Makes Him Puke

People who work in food service often have to put up with a lot of crap from their customers.

Customers can be rude, entitled, cheap, and thankless. And sometimes, they allow their child to vomit in the restaurant over the course of multiple visits.

In the case of one Redditor’s experience, a family she often serves at her restaurant orders their child mac and cheese despite the fact that every time the kid eats it, he vomits.

Every time.

So finally, she said she was sick of cleaning up with puke, can you please not order this food for your child anymore?

“I’m a waitress at a restaurant chain know for their ice cream. (Do with that what you will) and I have a semi regular family that comes in every once in a while. Every time they come in they order their youngest child Mac and cheese. The first time I served them, the child threw up all over the booth. I didn’t think much of it, just that he was sick or had an upset stomach. I clean up the booth. The next time was the same thing. Mac and cheese then puke. Again in the booth and on the table,” the OP

“This is an every time occurrence, the kid orders Mac end cheese then throws up. The kid never gets to the bathroom, and most the time he doesn’t even make an attempt to leave the table. This most recent time they came in and I was their waitress the child went to order Mac and cheese again, and I asked the mom. ‘Is he okay to have that? He gets sick every time…’ the mom said, ‘Oh yeah Kraft Mac and Cheese makes him sick, but he wants it.’ I said ‘Ma’am, I’m sorry but I don’t think your child should order this if you know he’s going to puke from eating it. And quite frankly I really don’t want to have to clean up vomit tonight.'”

The OP continued, asking the mom, “Why are you allowing your child to order a food that makes him sick, just to have someone else clean it up?” The manager came over and agreed with the OP, and the mom ordered chicken fingers and fries instead.

Was the OP right to call out the mom or did she overstep her boundaries?

“NTA I have never heard of such a ridiculous thing. I can guarantee the mother isn’t giving her child mac n cheese at home. But since she doesn’t have to clean up the mess she doesn’t care. What confuses me the most is that the mom knows that the Mac n cheese makes him sick and still lets him eat it. They sounds like bad parenting,” said Majestic-Meringue-40.

“NTA if this has happened regularly. I can’t even fault you for the phrasing being rude because honestly they might need a little rude to wake them up. And yeah that your manager supported you,” said Techsupportvictim.

“NTA- what is wrong with this lady? This kid obviously cannot tolerate it. Honestly, I’m a mom myself. I would have been mortified if my kid vomited in a restaurant. I know things happen, but to let this happen multiple times and think it’s not a big deal is beyond me,” said CAgirl17.

“One birthday I took my daughter to our local cafe for a birthday lunch. She got so excited that two steps in the door she just threw up everywhere. I got her father to come and take her out side (and to get her a drink/clean her up a bit), while I helped clean up the cafe. It was mortifying, but more than that I was just worried about her, I wanted to get her home to rest ASAP. Anyway we went back the next day and had her special lunch (thankfully incident free), and everything was fine. I can’t imagine anyone just feeding their kid something that would make them sick, there’s something wrong with that parent,” shared Aramiss60.

“NTA. This sounds more than reasonable. The parents need a reality check and need to learn to say no to their child. I’m glad your boss was on your side instead of being one of those scared the-customer-is-always-right bosses,” said Bennemans1984.

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