Woman Calls Her Sister A Pretty Vile Name For Stealing Her Concert Tickets And Asks If She Went Too Far

Today we’re going to dive into a post on r/AmItheAsshole from u/GigTicket10294, who wants to know if she was wrong for “calling my sister a cokewhore”.

Spoiler: seems kind of dicky!

Let’s read her point of view to see if there’s more to this story.


OP explains that she and her elder sister live at home. The older sibling has a cocaine habit and her parents ignore it.

I’m 18f. I live with my parents and my sister, Joanne, 23f. Joanne has a cocaine habit and she claims its normal in her job and it’s just the lifestyle of cheffing, yada yada. My parents seem to be ignoring it since Joanne pays her rent on time and keeps to herself when she’s in the house and doesn’t cause many problems.

OP is in school and manages her money very carefully. She has a government grant, but it only goes so far.

I’m a college student on a government grant, and I’m in college Monday to Friday up until 5/6pm, working isn’t really an option for me right now, so I don’t go out much and I spend all my money on college supplies. Joanne doesn’t seem to understand this and is always asking to borrow money and what not. I always say no because it works out that I only have €40 every week to spend on college stuff and travel to college.

With her grant’s Christmas bonus, OP bought music tickets. She shared the experience with her sister when said sister was not high. OP was excited!

I got a Christmas bonus on my grant and I ended up deciding to book tickets for a small ish local gig that’s next week. I booked two, one for me and one for my best friend because her birthday is the same day and she loves the type of music, it was meant to be a surprise for her. I had told Joanne about this on one of her “good days” because I was genuinely excited to finally do something and live the college student lifestyle for a night.

OP’s sister then sold OP’s tickets for drug money. OP knew that Joanne knew the person who bought her tickets and put things together.

The tickets were digital, on an account shared with my parents. Joanne had asked for the login telling them that she wanted to book tickets to something, but she was lying and used it to sell my tickets for drug money. I didn’t find out until I had gotten the email to confirm that the tickets were sent to someone else and I was really confused at first. I checked and they were sent to someone I know Joanne knows.

OP confronted her sister and when the sister said the money was gone, OP was furious.

I went straight to her when she got home and asked what the fuck she did, and she tried lying but I showed her proof it went to someone she knows and told her I wanted my money back then and there. She told me it was gone already. I lost my mind and started yelling at her, because it wasn’t fair.

Their mother tried to calm the situation down but OP was so furious, she asked why the cokewhore was the golden child.

My mom was just in from work and I was screaming at my sister who was crying at that point saying she was sorry and she didn’t know it would upset me this much. My mom got involved and told me to keep my voice down and we’ll talk about it, and I told her to shut up and stay out of it. I ended up saying something along the lines of “why is it fair that you get to do this to me when I’ve never even drank alcohol or smoked weed, why does the cokewhore get to be the golden child bit not me?”.

This upset everyone, including OP’s mom. OP is now not sure: was she wrong?

My mom stepped in and put a stop to it then and there, my sister had started screaming back at me for what I called her. My mom said that was out of line and she just made a mistake. I told my mom her mistake cost me the only night out ill have been able to have all year so she should hear what I have to say about it. My mom thinks I was in the wrong for what I said, and my sister won’t even look at me even though its been 3 days and I’ve tried apologising. AITA?

OOF. When I first read the title, I thought — no way this woman is not the asshole. But after seeing what she’s dealing with…

And Reddit agreed with me. Not the asshole at all.

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“NTA. Do NOT apologize. Never trust her again,” someone else wrote.