Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Telling Off Her Sister’s ‘Brutally Honest’ Boyfriend

This story starts off with a “brutally honest” man. And while I acquiesce that “brutally honest” women can be pretty terrible too — it’s just an excuse to be mean! — I think the men who pride themselves on this kind of honesty are a breed unto themselves.

There’s just something about someone who willingly embraces cruelty in order to deliver sour news. They tend to be so bitter and condescending — I know I have no time for these people. And apparently neither does OP! So when her sister brought home of these dudes home, OP eventually had enough. Let’s let her take it from here:

My F35 sister F27 started dating one of those “brutally honest” guys few months ago. He can be quite rude and make backhanded comments about me and the family sometimes which is bothersome but my sister says he’s not malicious but is just the brutally honest time and we should get used to it.

“That’s just who he is!” is never a great way to introduce someone to your family. OP’s younger sister brought home Brutally Honest Guy and swears it isn’t malicious. Yeah, right.

I visited my parents house to celebrate my sister’s birthday and my husband couldn’t come with me because he was busy, after the party we all sat down for dinner and my sister’s boyfriend said it was weird that my husband and I don’t have kids despite being married for 6 years now…

*RECORD SCRATCH* I’m sorry WHAT?! This guy just randomly says it’s weird OP doesn’t have kids. WTF?

I was shocked that he brought this up but I gave a short answer stating that it’s because of infertility issues, he asked on which side and I didn’t wanna answer but my sister said it’s on my side. I got uncomfortable as he looked at me for a second and said that maybe not having kids now is a good thing because he thought women over 30 might “produce” defective babies due to age.

Oh, shock of all shocks, he’s a misogynistic asshole too! He asked basically whose fault it was then said OP would make “defective” kids because of her age. LORD.

I told him it was none of his business but he said that he was just giving his “honest opinion” and that’s all. I, in return, told him while maintaining eye contact: “trust me, if I wanted an asshole’s opinion, I would’ve farted!”.

He played his “I’m just being honest” BS card and OP said if she wanted an asshole’s opinion, I would’ve farted. And then, dear reader, I snort-laughed.

Literally everyone at the table bursted into laughter and my sister and her boyfriend were stunned. Few seconds later her boyfriend excused himself out and my sister followed then sent me a text after they left saying I was mean and disrespectful towards her boyfriend and insulted him maliciously just cause he stated his honest opinion, she also said I ruined her birthday by being petty and making her boyfriend the joke of the night infront of the family. I didn’t respond but she demanded an apology via mail as soon as possible, mom agreed that I shouldn’t have said what I said and should’ve just ignored him knowing how he is.

I think AITA but I’m not sure.

Of course, the sister and this dickwad boyfriend of hers were not amused (everyone else laughed!) and sent a bitchy text after. So OP wonders: Is She The Jerk? (nope).

But let’s see what ol’ Reddit declared: