Son Asks If He’s A Jerk For Changing The Locks On His Inherited House While The Mom Who Kicked Him Out Was Away

Imagine being just 17 and inheriting a house. Any inheritance is intrinsically difficult — presumedly a person you care about has died — but coupled with the fact that the author of a recent AITA Reddit post is just a teen AND the inheritance is valuable, you have a recipe for disaster.

And it was pretty disastrous. Redditor Yes_ISaidThat asked the AITA community if he was an asshole for kicking his mom out of a house he owned after she kicked him out.

OP starts by explaining that his dad passed away when he was 15 and left everything to OP when he turned 21.

When I (23M) was 15 my dad died, My mom (45) didn’t wait too long to “start over” and moved her new partner in just 2 months later.

My dad left everything to me and not even a dime to her (they were not married), My dad’s will was so structured that she couldn’t challenge it, and she attempted and even ask me to pass over one of my properties to her to show my “new” dad that he was welcomed, I couldn’t even if I wanted to, because my dad’s will was specified that I must be 21 to have access to everything he left me.

OP’s mom moved her new partner into their home just a few months after OP’s dad died and OP felt she favored her new family.

This dude had kids (18M, 19F their ages now) and my mom prioritized them to keep him happy, I mean she wasn’t like ab*sive or neglectful but she tended to favor them, they went on trips, and even if she didn’t tell me not to go she’d say something between the lines as: “Wouldn’t you like to go to your grandparents (My dad’s) better?” I mean I’m not stupid and I know she didn’t want me there.

Then when OP was 17, the mom asked him to leave because OP was giving her new partner attitude — and, worse, OP reminded the new guy of the mother’s former partner.

When I turned 17 she asked me to leave (My own house) because I kept fighting with her dude and I also reminded him of whose house it was, when he wanted to play the man of the house, I also called him John Conroy.

My Grandparents told me to avoid confrontation so I went to live with them, my mom would visit me often and tell me how much she loved but she needed to “keep peace at home”

OP moved in with his grandparents and for a time, things settled. After he graduated, he poked in to check on some of the properties he had inherited. He wanted to remodel and rent the house his mom lived in, but she wasn’t there.

After college, I decided to check my properties and also the one that my mom is living at, I wanted to renovate it to rent it since it’s a good one and can help me to afford my master’s, I went there to inform my mom but no one was there (Later I found out they went on vacations)

OP unilaterally changed the locks, no notice given to his mother and her family, and was pretty dang cold about it. But then again, his mom kicked him out when he was a kid.

I called her but she didn’t answer so I proceeded to change the locks (mainly to officially take possession) they arrived yesterday and could get in, of course, they called me but I wasn’t on the town, I went to day because some renovation works will start in few weeks, I was in the back yard and my mom came in furious yelling at me saying how I dare to do that, So we talked and I let them know they have two weeks to leave, her husband (an unemployed oh sorry, self-employed) was furious, my mom and her stepdaughter started crying because the girl is pregnant (I’m sorry) but I made up my mind.

My mom’s family is shaming me but I’d like to know if you think I’m TA?

My mom called me today saying we can talk.

edit: I’m not in the USA.

Not really looking for legal advice.

Guys, Life out of the USA exists, there other 194 countries in the world.