Bride Asks If She’s A Jerk For Not Inviting Her “Unsupportive Sister” To Her Wedding

We wouldn’t be Ruin My Week if we didn’t have a shitty bride / wedding complex story for you, now would we? Today’s tale, courtesy of u/unsupportivesister, comes to us from Reddit’s famed AITA sub, where people wonder if they’re jerks when they are… jerks.

OP starts by explaining she and her fiancé have known each other for six months. They’re just ready, you guys!!!!

I (24 F) got engaged to Derrick (30 M) one month ago. Prior to that, we had known each other for six months. I know that’s not a long time, but when you know, you know. We are madly in love and ready to commit ourselves to each other fully.

OP’s older sister was, uh, not so thrilled. She was polite, but also told OP to strongly reconsider this marriage.

My sister (26 F) has a problem with that though. She was supportive of my relationship with Derrick before we got engaged. When I sent her a text telling her we were engaged, she responded by saying “congratulations.” But then when I saw her the week after that, she got all serious and said I should strongly reconsider the marriage.

This voice of reason said that OP was very young and might meet people later. She also suggested OP and this guy date longer. OP just saw red.

She told me I was young and could meet people I loved more. That was offensive to me because I love Derrick more than anything, and she’s basically saying my love isn’t that important. She also told me that Derrick and I could date for longer before we got married. But we are already fully committed to each other, so we might as well get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law.

LOL and if you missed it: OP wants to be SOUL MATES IN THE EYES OF THE LAW, excuse me I’m dying of laughter.

Anyway, the conversation was so hurtful to me.

When asked bluntly, the sister confirmed that she did not support the wedding. OP decided she didn’t want her sister to attend if that was the case.

I eventually asked her, very directly, “do you support me marrying Derrick?” She said no. So I stood up, told her she shouldn’t be at the wedding if she didn’t want us to get married, and left. I haven’t talked to her since, although she has texted me multiple times asking to talk.

When OP asked a friend, the friend said it would be rude not to invite your sister. So now she’s not sure: is she wrong?

Derrick and I were working on the wedding guest list yesterday, and we both agreed my sister should not come if she doesn’t support us. So we are planning not to invite her. I mentioned this to my friend yesterday, and she pointed out that it may be a little rude of me not to invite her. So, AITA for not inviting my unsupportive sister to my wedding?

What a self-obsessed little twit, right? Reddit was swift in its verdict.

“YTA. You have not known him long enough to actually love him, you are infatuated. On top of that you are ready to ruin the relationship with your sister for a guy you actually do not know?” one person warned.

A lot of people pointed out that domestic abuse begins with isolation.

“I don’t know if YTA per se, but I think you’re being very naïve and I agree with your sister,” one person noted.

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A third said, “YTA. You’re upset because your sister expressed honest concern. Your response was childish. And kicking her out of your wedding is equally so.”