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Wife Asks If She Was Wrong To Throw Husband’s Dinner In Trash When He Wouldn’t Leave The Kitchen

Redditor u/tway_kitchen_hog hopped onto the famed r/AmITheAsshole Reddit after a little spat with her husband to wonder if she was an asshole for getting frustrated with her husband in the kitchen.


Let’s check in with her post:

We have a rather small kitchen. There’s basically only two places to stand/work while cooking. In front of the counter or in front of the stove.

Okay, small kitchen, frustrating to have too many cooks, I totally get that.

I have frequently asked my husband to please stay out of the kitchen if I am in there cooking because there’s just no room for two people and he will be in the way etc. He constantly ignores this request though.

She’s already not an asshole in my book because that man would be dead if he lived with me.

Last night, he came into the kitchen at kind of a critical point while I had stuff in the frying pan and was preparing stuff at the counter. He stood in front of the stove and I was just waiting for him to move so that I could get to it. Then he said “this looks like it’s burning, are you even gonna do anything?” In exasperation, I yelled “fn move!!”

*Screams internally*

but instead he stood there and started lecturing me to “not yell at him, it’s his kitchen too and he has every right to be in there also etc.” By the time he finished, the stuff in the pan was well and truely burnt. so I scraped it into the trash and told him to go make his own fn dinner because it was his kitchen too. AITA?


But Reddit can sometimes surprise me or even change my mind, so let’s tag in with some of the posts…


Okay, that last one is insane. Reddit loves to throw red flags and scream abuse when… odds are… no. No, it isn’t.


SO yeah… NTA! What do you think?