Woman Deletes Pics Of Herself Breastfeeding The Baby From Ex’s Phone Without Permission And Asks ‘AITA’

Please let this Reddit thread be a joke, please let this Reddit thread be a joke…

Redditor u/melon800 recently asked the AITA community on Reddit if she was wrong “for deleting pictures of myself and my baby from my ex’s phone without permission?”


OP explains that her ex took a lot of pictures of OP and the baby, but she hates how she looks right now.

My ex has taken a lot of pictures of me and our baby in the last 2 months even though I hate having pictures taken of me right now. He knows I hate it but he keeps telling me I’ll regret it later when our son is older if I don’t have these pictures and promised he wouldn’t show anybody else them.

When he left his phone alone, she deleted most of them. She particularly didn’t want him to have the photos of her breastfeeding.

I ended up deleting the majority of them when he left his phone unattended because I hated them and he had pictures of me breastfeeding which I don’t want him to have even if you can’t really see anything.

He recently realized what OP did and he got mad at her for using his phone. OP escalated by calling him a pervert.

I never told him I did it but he noticed recently and is mad at me for touching his phone without permission and deleting the pictures even though I only deleted the ones with me in them.

So… uh, yeah. She’s an asshole.

During one fight I called him a pervert for taking pictures of me breastfeeding and I threatened to move out if he didn’t stop bringing it up. Things are awkward and tense between us now as he’s still angry with me so AITA?

Reddit chimed in:

“YTA for sexualizing breast feeding, calling him a pervert, and going through his phone. You have a right not to have your picture taken but I agree with your ex that you’ll regret it later and your child will miss out on those memories as well,” wrote one person.

Another pointed out something I agree with: “I mostly agree, but I think it’s especially reasonable for OP to not want her ex taking pictures of her breastfeeding. Of course it’s not sexual and shouldn’t be sexualized, but that’s still more of her body than she likely typically shows to the public, and may not want her ex to have pictures of her exposed like that.”

Someone else thought everyone voting YTA was out of their minds. “Everyone here is so quick to say that OP had no right to go through his phone bc privacy and that she didn’t have his permission. What about her privacy being violated? He does not need to have pictures of her that she doesn’t want to be taken. He has absolutely no right to do that without her permission. Under these circumstances, she has every right to delete the pictures! She didn’t snoop on his phone, she just deleted pictures of HERSELF that she didn’t consent to being taken. Ex could’ve just taken pictures of their son, but no, he had to ignore OP’s boundaries for no good reason.”

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