Woman Refuses To Delete Recording Of Her Ex Drunkenly Apologizing And Asks ‘AITA’

People. PEOPLE. Just behave as though the entire world is recording you all the time because that is where we are as a society. I don’t like it either, but it is what it is, and we have a story today from Reddit’s AITA sub wondering if u/lilac_lynxx was wrong to record her ex’s drunken apology.

Apparently this dude yelled at OP and refused to apologize for it. Real great start to a marriage, right?

I was engaged to Julien but we broke up after he yelled at me in front of his friends and then doubled-down by refusing to apologise for over a month even though the gifts he was giving me almost daily made it obvious he knew he had f-cked up.

OP broke up with him (who saw that coming?). OP’s brothers asked them to check in on the guy because he seemed like he was in rough shape.

My brothers are friends with him and they asked me to go check up on him because apparently he was getting drunk and not acting like himself since I broke up with him. I only went because my oldest brother was happy when I broke up with him so I thought he must be in pretty bad shape if even my oldest brother was asking me to check up on him.

And indeed Julien was! He was drunk and a jerk but OP decided: NOW IS MY MOMENT and told him off. While Julien was drunk. And a jerk. IDK man, this stupid pair of people.

When I went to see him, he was drunk. At first, he was being a jerk and trying to kick me out but then he started apologising after I told him off. I recorded it because I knew he would deny it when he was sober and it was nice hearing him say he was sorry for once.

Anyway, OP wound up recording Julien’s drunken apology. OP’s brothers saw the video and thought OP should delete it.

My brothers asked me what happened the day after and I showed them the recording because my middle brother didn’t believe me when I told him he apologised to me. They got really angry at me and told me I needed to delete it before Julien found out.

OP refused to delete the video and for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, one of the brothers told this guy about the video.

I told them I didn’t care if he found out and I wouldn’t delete it. I don’t know why but my middle brother told him I recorded him apologising and now he keeps calling and texting me. He said he isn’t angry at me in the text and he just wants to talk but I haven’t responded yet.

So now OP wants to know if they were wrong to take the video.

I’d like to know if I’m the asshole and in deep shit before I respond… so AITA?

But Reddit loves a comeuppance and we have a LOT of NTA votes.

One user said, “NTA. Sometimes in situations like that you need the proof. But you need to not keep going back to check on him because he is manipulating you. His addiction is not yours to manage and you can’t save him from himself by showing up.”

Another, bless their soul, wrote, “Why did she need proof? The relationship was over, she could’ve just been done with it.” God, I love reason.

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