Woman Sells Wedding Dress So Her Racist Sister Can’t Have It, Asks ‘AITA’

Unfortunately, sometimes life can turn into a murder mystery. For one Redditor who thinks her fiancée was kidnapped and perhaps killed, life has been scary and sad. While she’s traveled to her fiancée’s home country to actually help look for him, her family is planning on taking her wedding dress and giving it to her sister — saying that it’s obvious the wedding will not be taking place. Not only that, but they are being cruel and racist, completely disrespecting the OP, her fiancée, and the terrible situation.

“Hello people, I am a 30 yo American woman. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend, and later, fiancée for 5 years, we had an amazing relationship, and I still love him. The thing is, he is from a foreign country living in America, he took care of some family franchise here, and my mom and my sister never liked him, they never gave me a reason to dislike him, so I assume it’s because he isn’t white. My mom is very old-fashioned and always badmouths non-white people, so that makes sense to me.”

“3 years ago, 2 months before our wedding, he went to his home country for a business trip, and then he disappeared, we still don’t know what happened to him, maybe he was kidnapped, but we got no ransom, so maybe he could have been forcibly recruited into some guerrilla army. In his country, this happens a lot.”

“I went for a full season to his country trying to find him, but it was useless, so I came back to America. I had already bought my wedding dress, and I had it there hanging in my closet, while I waited for a miracle. NGL, I cried so many times while holding that dress.”

“My sister is getting married soon, and a few weeks ago, she came into my house, she just wanted to chat in the beginning, but then she asked me to give her my wedding dress. I told her no, that it’s the dress for my future wedding, but my sister just told me, ‘He is already dead anyway, get over it, and you won’t need it.’ I started crying and kicked her out of my house.”

“Later that day my mom came into my house, demanding to give my dress to my sister, she also said that my fiancée is already dead and that, ‘That happens for insisting in marrying a w*tb*ck.’ I was shocked, and wanted to end the discussion, but she kept fighting and disrespecting my fiancée, and I kicked her out.”

“They kept harassing me for the dress, until I got tired of them, I went to my best friend, who has a sister that is going to marry in a few months. I could sell them the dress for a cheap. They were hesitant, but finally accepted my dress and I got a bit of money, I’ll be granted a special sit at the wedding in return. I told my mom and sister that I sold my dress, but that only made the harassment worst, and now they are demanding to take it back. I don’t know, was I wrong?”

No, her sister definitely does not deserve that dress.

“NTA. What makes them think they have any right to tell you what to do with your own property. I wouldn’t blame you if you cut ties with them altogether,” said


“NTA. This is unbelievable. My heart goes out to you. Your sister and your mother are heartless, insensitive and cruel. Also incredibly selfish. Your mother’s remark about his ethnic background was absolutely vile. For them to do this, to make demands and viciously verbally abuse you, when you are worried and grieving, is reprehensible. Selling the dress to a friend’s sister was a good idea, since it deprives the two harpies of getting it. I hope you can cut those two out of your life. And I hope and pray that your fiance returns to you,” said


“NTA – What a gut wrenching story. I’m sorry that all this happened to you. I can’t imagine someone I love disappearing without a trace. That had to be a terrible experience. Then you have your family behave this way. Continuing to disrespect him/your relationship and treating his probably death as it it doesn’t matter. The demanding your wedding dress. It sounds like your family is truly awful. You should cut them out of your life. They are terrible people. I hope you have other family or friends to give you the support you need. If you don’t then maybe try to find some support groups for the trauma you’ve experienced and meet up groups for friends. Definitely cut your mom and sister(and anyone else like them) out of your life. You deserve better. My heart hurts for you. I’m so sorry. Good luck,” stated


“NTA. No one is entitled to YOUR dress. The sheer audacity of your mother and sister to not only demand your dress but to continually disrespect your fiance at the same time is baffling. It’s time to go NC with them and try to find some semblance of normalcy in what must be a heartbreaking time. I hope you get closure on what happened to your fiance,” said


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