Sibling Calls Out Sister Who Wants To Name Her Baby Something Inspired By ‘Yellowstone’ And Asks ‘AITA’

Remember how a few years ago we were all snorting over the number of people who named their poor kid “Khaleesi”?

Buckle up, this is probably even dumber.

Redditor u/No_Marzipan_8558 recently asked the Reddit sub “Am I The Asshole” if they were in the wrong “for telling my sister she needs to name her baby like he will grow up and not give him a “cool” baby name” and I promise you, they are not, in fact, wrong.

OP explains that her sister is so into the show Yellowstone that she plans to name their baby … Cowboy.

My sister is obsessed with the show Yellowstone. Her husband is willing to do anything to make her happy. They want to name their baby Cowboy.

I know I should have kept my mouth shut. It’s not my circus or my monkey. I just know the absolute shit that kid will go through.

I MEAN, YUCK? OP spoke up about it and … well, it went about as well as can be expected.

So I told her to consider that she was naming a person who would eventually be an adult.

Our mom and dad at least had the decency to only give me Danger as a middle name. Yes I’ve seen the fucking movie.

So now OP is dealing with a sister who thinks they’re a jerk when OP was just trying to keep the kid from being bullied.

She thinks I’m an asshole for calling her name choice stupid. I think I’m trying to save him from a lifetime of bullying until he legally changes his name.

Fear not, gentle reader: Reddit knew right away that OP was doing nothing wrong.

“NTA. Cowboy is a stupid name,” one person said simply.

A teacher also chimed in, “As a veteran teacher, I thought I had heard all the awful names. Nope, this one makes it to the top 5. Tell your sister a teacher, who will have to call out that name at school everyday, is telling her it is a terrible idea.”

Another user hit on the nuance of the name and the show. “NTA. I guess someone liked the guitar picker on Yellowstone. Of course, if she paid attention, she might have noticed he called himself that so he wouldn’t have to give his actual name.”

PettyTrashPanda / Reddit

And plenty other users had stories of their own to share.

One person wrote, “Tell your sister that she should never name her child a name that the kid would be ashamed of if they got a job and had to sign documents. I had a friend whose mom was into double names. Missy May’s mom can’t figure out why she doesn’t sign the her loan documents with her first name. Yes I didn’t say you couldn’t call the baby whatever you said you wanted to call it. Nicknames are fantastic but give the kid a name that he can live with for the rest of his life.”