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People Are Sharing The Traits That Take A ’10’ Down To A ‘5’ (18 Posts)

Over in AskReddit, u/PARADlSE put up a pretty simple question that has garnered some striking answers. They asked:

“What is one trait that turns someone from a 10 to a 5?”

Check out the responses below!

1. Selfish

Making every conversation about themselves.


2.No feels

Doesn’t take your feelings into account.


3. Littering

I flipped one day cause of this. A few years ago when on my final school day I saw this girl just chuck sweet wrappers accross the form room. Having a job as a hotel housekeeper I know what it’s like to be the person who has to deal with these peoples shit. On my way out the room I grabbed the litter off the floor shoved it into her handbag and continued past keeping hard eye contact, Ik it was very petty but it made me feel good knowing she had her own spilt lucazade and sweets to clean out her bag.


4. Pyramid Schemes

A friend invited me to lunch once and I noticed she was asking me a bunch of personal questions about my life – am I happy in my job & relationships, is there anything I want to change, do I create goals etc.

Then out of nowhere she pulled out a brochure and offered me 24 half hour life coaching sessions for $4,000. For the past 6 months she’d been involved in life coach training (clearly a pyramid scheme) where she attended lectures all across the US from this expert life coach of how to set yourself up with a coaching business.

This girl was the total opposite of someone who had their shit together and I could tell she was sucked in by false promises of fortune & wealth. I wasn’t attracted to her in the first place but after that lunch I started to feel repulsion.


5. Condescending

Being condescending.


6. Talking shit

When their main source of entertainment is talking shit about other people.


7. Talking shit about EXES

Especially if it is about their exes. All of your exes were complete assholes who treated you awfully while you were being the perfect partner were they? All of them? And you have to bring it up in every conversation to demonstrate what a good guy victim you are? I’ll just back the fuck away before you realize I’m not perfect either.


8. One Thing

Adopting one aspect of their life as their entire identity.

Example: I had a friend that made sure everyone knew they hated Apple as a company. If you had a convo lasting more than 5 minutes with this person, it would come up.


9. Play the Victim

Playing victim. We’ve all been wronged in life, but if someone has to keep playing the part, that’s a huge turn off.


10. Rude

Being rude to customer service workers for no reason.


11. Boundaries

Not respecting boundaries/aggressively trying to change your mind when you say no or say that something makes you uncomfortable.


12. BS News

Believing Facebook news.


13. No appreciation

No appreciation for effort put in.


14. Sneeze right

One time I drove my coworker home. She sneezed into her hands with her fingers spread apart. I felt the sneeze hit me. She was a 60 year old woman. I never wanted to scream at someone so badly (just…. How do you live that far into your life and still think sneezing into your hands is ok? Why keep the fingers open? It does nothing!!!!!!!!)


15. Disrespect

Someone who has no regard for others safety and feelings. When they are disrespectful and try to put themselves above everyone else.


16. Dicks

Bragging about penis size.


17. Sympathy

Lack of sympathy. When I see someone brush off another person’s pain, or just being plain hostile towards someone who obviously needs help (especially when they make some stupid remark) it is an instant “I hate you” realization I have. It’s sad, sometimes it just ruins getting to know the person.


18. Two of them

Chewing with your mouth open and abusing their pets.