2000 vs 2020, 2020 vs 2000

24 Things That Were Normal In 2000 But Seem Strange Now

2ooo vs. 2020: We’ve come a long way in the past twenty years.

The year was 2000. A bright-eyed, low-rise jean wearing teen with crimped hair brags on their AIM away message about how they just knew that Y2K wasn’t going to be the end of the world as they pop-in their LimeWire-downloaded mix CD full of the hottest hits on the radio. So much has changed and no matter how old you may have been in 2000, we can all agree those were simpler times. 

2000 vs 2020, 2020 vs 2000

Redditor u/Karpaty must have been feeling nostalgic when they asked the people of Reddit: What was normal in 2000, but strange in 2020?

And the answers are really going to bring you back to those good ol’ days. 


“Printing out your route from Mapquest before leaving the house.” –Mason-Derulo

2000 vs 2020, 2020 vs 2000


“2000: Your parents telling you not to believe everything you read on the internet.

2020: Your parents believing every post they see on Facebook.” –Dijiwolf1975


“Switching to channel 3 to play video games.” –eagleblue44


“I remember 25 years ago getting on a plane and realized I forgot some important paperwork in the car. The flight attendant let me get off the plane and I ran through the terminal and out to the parking lot to my car to retrieve it. Then quickly ran back in, zipped past the security screener, out onto the tarmac and climbed up the stairs to the plane. It was a rather small airport so it took less than 5 minutes. But I doubt I’d be allowed to do that today.” –Rustyboyvermont


“T9 texting.” –h0sti1e17


“Saying dot com at the end of everything because it was cool to do.” –1HeyMattJ

2000 vs 2020, 2020 vs 2000


“Having a school project to do and busting out the Encarta disk.” –ash894


“Using Yahoo to search for things. Or, repeatedly signing up for 15 free hours of AOL using a spoofed credit card number and a fake name.” –m31td0wn

2000 vs 2020, 2020 vs 2000


“Buying a stack of blank Cd’s so you can make your own custom mixes.” –LeftHandMorty9


“Not freaking out when someone calls you out of nowhere.” –ElectricGelato