25 People Reveal What Ended Their Friendship With Their Best Friend

Losing a friend is a hard thing that we will all experience. Whether it be the result of a disagreement, growing up, or even death, it’s a tough part of life.

I find that hearing the people’s stories puts my own in perspective, so when I came across this AskReddit thread, I thought maybe it could help you.

Here are some of the stories people shared.

People of Reddit what ended your friendship with your best friend?



When my father was dying of cancer, my “best friend” called me to catch up and I told him about it and he nonchalantly said “your dad’s dying because he isn’t praying enough and that he would be healed if someone spoke in tongues over him” I was in disbelief that he got roped into the insane religious cult-like his parents.

I told him that was the grossest thing I could ever hear from him and hung up. My father died 2 weeks later. It’s been two years and he hasn’t called or texted once. Good f*****g riddance. F**k you Tim.


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My husband at the time had to step away from his job because he was dealing with pretty severe mental health issues. We had a young child and I was a stay-at-home mom and it was really devastating not only financially, but socially as a lot of our social life revolved around his job and work friends.

I was really good friends with a coworker’s wife. The coworker moved into my husband’s (higher up) position when my husband had to resign. We had to sell our home since we couldn’t make the mortgage payment anymore. The friend came to help me pack, and while doing so told me that they always knew this would happen because the Lord had revealed it to the husband in a dream several years earlier. They had basically been waiting around for my husband to “fail” so that coworker could “succeed” and fulfill the Lord’s prophesy.

Yeah no. Said goodbye to her, moved out of state, and never looked back. I won’t tolerate people using religion to be d***s.


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Bacterial meningitis ….after a few days of unanswered calls ( thought maybe I had pissed her off) I drove over to her house. Found my BFF deceased on the couch. Her 5-year-old had luckily survived several days on her own.


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In 2020, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. At this time my grandfather was also fighting colon cancer; both of whom were in the “high risk” category for covid-19.

During the first summer of the pandemic, I would occasionally share things on social media about why it’s important to makeup and social distance, then later on why people should get vaccinated.

Well, my ex-best friend married a complete right-wing Trumper POS that thought covid was a sham. He commented on one of my posts and we got in a mildly heated debate. Eventually, he said that he didn’t care that people would die and that it was a sacrifice to make for everyone’s freedom.

When I expected my ex-best friend to come to my aid, she backed him up. I was sickened. Have not ever spoken a word to either of them since.

I say good riddance.


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my own transphobia

i’ve told this story countless amount of times now, but i’ll say it again.

i had a crush on this person, ever since i was in 4th grade. always tried to be close to them, and half the time, i was. best friends, we trusted each other with every secret, told each other things we wouldn’t tell anyone else. one day, they finally came out and told me they were trans and identified as a male.

i was devastated. my crush suddenly comes out as trans? this has to be a stupid trend, right? i acted cool at first, with heavy emphasis on ACTED. i tried to remain friends but they definitely noticed me drifting away. one day, out of my dumb horny state, angry that my crush was a male, i came to them saying i was having a crisis and ghosted them for f*****g months.

didn’t talk to them in the halls, didn’t contact them afterward, they were probably worried sick. they eventually noticed this behavior and at some point, blocked me on all platforms. me, unable to speak with them, saw them in the halls of school one day and thought “huh, they look kinda cute” and realized i was still attracted to them.

i left them in a vulnerable state, in a confusing time, for f*****g nothing besides transphobia. since then, i’ve tried to find anyway to make contact with them. not to reconsile our friendship or give a shot at dating, but so i can say i’m sorry. i just hope they’re successful in life, that’s it. i just hope they didn’t let a dumba** like me dictate their emotions and feelings. i was a huge jerk who didn’t deserve them at all.

ever since, i’ve been making attempts to be less bigoted. more open, less misogynistic. i just don’t want a repeat of last time, and don’t want anyone to go through what they did.

my only real friend, the only one who actually cared about me, who would go through hell and back for me, pick me up when i’m broken and down, pushed away by my own f*****g transphobia.

sorry for the long read, i just don’t like settling for small paragraphs. even then, i don’t think this did it justice.


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I was diagnosed with bipolar after a very traumatic and public event when I was manic for the first time. Lost all my friends including my best friend. Mental illness sucks.


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I had a good friend in 8th grade who was a very kind and affectionate person.

Never had a crush on her at all.

We were physically affectionate people, never sexual. She would mess with my hair, and sometimes put her hand on my leg, so I did the same.

At the time, her boyfriend was aware of our relationship, and was cool with it, I even was good friends with him.

One day, I got called to the principals office and I walked into my mother, father, principal, and a police officer asking me to sit down. I felt like someone I knew died, but no, they said that she had accused me of sexually assaulting her.

I spent 2 hours crying, giving them my phone, watching them comb through my texts, reviewing, video footage, and interviewing the boyfriend and the girl.

In the end, she lied to her parents because she got caught that she was dating her boyfriend, and used me as a scapegoat, and saying her boyfriend hit her.

The police called my household and said that I was free, and that if we wanted to sue, we would win.

The rest of the year, anytime I saw her, I walked away and threw up because I felt like I was a monster.

After severe depression, I sat in my room and got over it.

The following years, the boyfriend and I would joke about it all the time.

Good man, terrible friend girl.


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She was very pro-life, and shamed me for being pro-choice and pro-women, even though she had an abortion at 15 and it literally saved her life. I instantly cut ties with her. Dropped 10 years of friendship with one sentence. Never looked back.


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She didn’t invite me to her birthday party. It was my first time back from college and I would have been able to go. She made a whole Facebook event page and invited everybody but me. I found out through mutual friends, the kicker was no one showed up and she called me crying that this other girl didn’t show up.


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He cheated on his wife with my girlfriend. Killed what I thought was two great relationships with one f**k.

Actually, it was a lot more than that, but I liked the way it sounded.

Edit: Thanks all, it was a long time ago (30+ years), so plenty of time to get over it. For a very long time I held onto a lot of hatred towards the guy, but for some reason not my ex. I realized at some point that the hate was only harming me and not affecting him in any way so that helped me let it go.


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I got cancer twice. He didn’t bother to call, text or visit. Oh, this was pre-pandemic so the hospitals were allowing visitors.


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He tried to get me fired from a job I hired him at as his boss


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Every single time that I would tell her I was interested in/talking to a guy, she would try to get with him. She was never successful but it hurt that she kept trying. I confronted her about this in a very nice and civil way and explained to her how I felt about this. She apologized profusely and promised it would never happen again. And then it happened again. I just immediately cut her off after that, no explanation or words needed. She knows what she did. Haven’t spoken a word to her since


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she was my best friend for two years.

we were in similar traumatic experiences and we helped each other throughout the 22 months we were best friends and we had a great friendship. we protected each other.

one day she told me her father was back from jail and she was scared. i don’t remember exactly what he went to jail for, but he was gone for about 6 years. she told me, on may eighteenth 2020, that she could not handle it anymore, that she was exhausted.

two hours later, her older sister finds her and tells their grandparents and then me that she had hung herself. her exact words were: “I’m so sorry Grace, she’s gone. my little sister is gone.”


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Mental health fell into a depression that isolated me, and eventually made me forgotten by the world


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Over the years he became increasingly more abusive to his wife. She is a stay-at-home mom and he is out of town 9 months out of the year for work. He moved her from CA to TX after driving a wedge in every relationship she’d built there. She got a job in TX to get out of the house while the kids were in school. He didn’t like her having friends. He came home for the summer and discovered the owners of the kids’ daycare were lesbians, so he pulled them out because he “doesn’t want them thinking that is okay.” He took them home and told his wife she needs to quit her job because the kids don’t have a daycare anymore.

He will come home for the summer and smoke weed and do shrooms since he doesn’t get drug tested during that time. It was only okay for him. If she smokes, she is a “bad mom” because she cares more about drugs than she does the kids. He refuses to contribute to anything around the house – dishes, basic cleaning, garage, yard, feeding the kids – because he brings in 100% of the money. “Chores are 100% her job”.

He had an affair last summer for 2-3 weeks. He’d just disappear for a week at a time. When he’d come home and the kids asked where he was, he’d tell them “I needed a break from mommy.” He almost got caught so he broke off the affair.

Trying to keep this short to maintain people’s interest, but the last straw was when he started locking his wife outside because she wouldn’t obey him. He hides the car keys so she can’t go anywhere and does not give her access to money. Essentially, he just makes her homeless at will whenever she doesn’t anticipate and tend to his every need.

F**k that guy. I put up with it for so long because we’d been friends since high school and our kids are good friends. After he started locking his wife outside, I decided that I can’t be civil anymore. He is not welcome at my house. He is not welcome around my kids. He is not welcome to LOOK at my wife, because I know how he views women and the superiority he feels over them. Knowing he looks at her as sub-human really gets my blood boiling.

I am ashamed that I ever called this poor excuse of a man my friend.


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He passed away at his job after we graduated high school. He worked at an asphalt creation center and fell 30ish feet into a boiling asphalt silo and boiled to death. He had just turned 18, and it was a few days before my 19th birthday.


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My best friend was my cousin. Born the same year and raised together in nearby towns. We are from a purple state which bleeds more red every year. He turned Trump, very hard.

This was a cult conversion. He didn’t watch Fox, because they are part of the MSM (in fact they are!). He went to conspiracy Reddit, 8chan, and discord and decided “for himself” that only an outsider like Trump could “break the wheel” and bring a new voice into US politics.

After that, nothing could turn him away. No moral failure, no policy failure, no amount of corruption.

We finally cut everything off when I said his illegal immigrant wife ought to suffer the same consequences others do under Trump. He said THIS DOESNT APPLY TO HER.

that was the end. It was a good friendship for 30 years.


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Time. We grew up, had kids, and moved apart.

Edit: I’ve known this guy since I was 6 or 7, which has now been 40+ years (ugh). He was my best friend, and I’d still consider him as such. We were both best men at each others’ weddings, and I was the first non-family member invited to the hospital to hold his children after they were born.

Time just sneaks up on you – it’s the small things to start with, and eventually, the relationship is still there but there’s no significant time or contact spent on either side. We still text/call each other about 1-2 times a year about serious matters (family/jobs) but the regular “screwing around” time we used to have is done and gone. I know if either of us called the other and said “Hey, I need help ASAP” we’d both still drop whatever we were doing to help the other, but what I really miss is the small goofy interactions we used to have.


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I got tired of always being the one to put forth any effort. Fly across the world to meet up, attend family gatherings, reach out, be patient, make sacrifice. It was good times when we were together. So it was worth it for a while but when she moved close and still never bothered to make an effort, I was over it. Wish her nothing but the best.


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She cheated on this guy she was with almost constantly.

She cheated on him while miscarrying his child.

She cheated on him after she got a disease and he helped her learn to walk again.

She cheated on him after he raised her son and took care of him like his own.

She cheated on him after he dropped charges of assault against her and property damage.

She cheated on him after she ruined his reputation in the town (he comes from a big family business)

She cheated on him with the guy she left for him

She cheated on him and then posted screenshots of him having a breakdown (of course only his messages) calling him abusive – and everyone on FB ate it up, ‘cause “single mom with a kid is being mistreated!” 🙃

After I confronted her about how awful she was being, she said, “If you’re not on my side, you’re not my friend.”

12 years of best friendship down the drain. Just like that.


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He died. Miss him. We met at 4 yrs old. Friends for about 30 years. He’s been gone 8 years now.


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After 14 years of friendship, we get an apartment and suddenly he loses his job as a personal trainer because of a dress code violation (he wore a hoodie to work, allegedly) and then 2-3 months of him not working.

Then after he agreed to pay me back eventually, all he ever gave me was $400 from his mom (I paid over 14,000 for the year). So I paid the full-year lease and he stayed 8 months total. I never talked to him again also because I found a receipt where he was trying to make a copy of my car keys make and model. F**K THAT GUY


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She was dating a really toxic guy and wouldn’t listen to anyone who said to break it off, including me. We got in multiple fights about it until the guy said she wasn’t allowed to talk to me anymore, that last fight was pretty ugly. So she called it quits with me. She’s long since moved on to a better guy but I still miss her she was special to me.


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I came out to him