People Who Had Sex With Their Best Friends Spill All The Tea (20 Stories)

It’s pretty dang normal to develop a close friendship, right? Like, we all have a best bud! Sometimes, those friendships may evolve into romantic ones — or even just sexual ones. Engaging in sexual activity with a treasured friend can become very complicated and emotionally charged. u/Sound_of_music12 recently took to Reddit to wonder, “What happened after you had sex with your best friend?”

1. Clings

She became clingy. Always around, when I ate, when I went to places with friends. 13 years and 3 kids later I haven’t been able to shake her.


2. Fell apart

What happened is : I wanted more and fell totally in love with her. She didn’t and thought it was a mistake.

We tried staying friend, she became distant, I became weird.

She decided that we shouldn’t see each other any more. At all.


3. She didn’t

I fell in love, she didn’t


4. Ended it

Unfortunately we stopped being best friends after that


5. Phew, a good one!

We got married, and she’s still my best friend and we still have sex


6. Oh nooooo.

I hated doing it with her cuz she said, “you are like a brother to me!” after doing it.


7. Long con

Married her. Knew she was in it for the long con.


8. Whoops!

He realized he was in fact 1000000% gay.


9. Well, this was sweet!

She decided she is 100% straight. Said it was a nice time but she just isn’t into chicks. Still my best friend.


10. All good

Nothing. We’re still best friends. Then again we’ve known each other for years and dated before we were friends.

So we hooked up a few times here and there. We don’t sleep together anymore.

But, yeah, nothing changed.


11. Kept on keeping on

more sex.


12. Pure angst

He hates me now


13. Rolled over

We went to sleep.

And are married for 8 years now.


14. Awwww. So sweet!

We got married. 3 kids, a grandson and 37 years later I still don’t regret it


15. Yikes.

I dated her, helped deliver her daughter, raised her daughter as mine, and don’t regret it. Bought a house, moved in together, she began hating being a mother & staying at home all the time, started cheating with coworkers, got exposed by her 2 year old daughter “please don’t even ask how”, I packed my shit & left immediately.

Now she makes TikToks about how shitty I am to this day. Yet the only thing I miss about that relationship, is being a father to that baby.

Now she’s the reason I don’t think I’ll ever date a woman with kids/or are pregnant.

Nothing against those beautiful women, but I’m honestly traumatized, because I still miss that kid everyday.


16. Didn’t work

We both agreed that we miss that spark, even though we really love each other. So we’re back to being best friends! Communication, respect and honesty goes a long way 😁


17. Surprise! Baby!

Best friends for 7 years, and we both just went through really nasty breakups where we were cheated on. Ended up having sex when he came over at like 4 am one night. We ended up sleeping together daily for weeks after that. I ended up pregnant, and to be honest, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure if he’d be willing to stick around given the circumstances.

Turns out he was excited, having a family was all he ever wanted. We didn’t start dating immediately, I didn’t want us to be together solely for the fact that we were having a baby. I wanted to make sure there was an actual connection there. In October, after months of basically living together, we made it official. Baby boy is due any day now, and we couldn’t be any happier. Having him come over that night in June was the best decision I ever made.


18. Heavy stuff

Had sex. Dated. Broke up. Got back together. Got married. Had 5 kids. Took trips to Japan and Europe. And now as I’m dying of stage 4 cancer she is by my side keeping me company, taking care of me, and yeah – even having sex with me still.


19. Practice makes .. perfect?

We didn’t have sex as much as I “practiced” eating pussy on her 3 to 4 times a week for 8years.

We’d usually just do best friend stuff afterwards, smoke weed, get drive through, watch a stupid movie.


20. Level up!

She got an upgraded title of girlfriend, then fiancée, and now wife.