People Are Sharing The Best Gossip They’ve Ever Heard (17 Stories)

Gossip is often seen as a negative aspect of social interactions, but it can also be a source of entertainment and amazement. People have been exchanging rumors and juicy details about others for centuries, and some of the stories are just too good not to be shared.

With sincere thanks to u/Difficult-Community1, who asked Reddit’s AskWomen community for the best piece of gossip they’ve ever heard, we have a great list compiled for you.

1. Herpes

A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend and slept with his guy who she had the biggest crush on for YEARS. A few days later she started getting a burning in her vagina. She thought it was a yeast infection. NOPE! It was herpes.

However, the guy she slept with had never had a herpes outbreak prior to the current one so his herpes was new too. Where did guy A get the herpes from? He slept with a woman who had a recent herpes outbreak. This woman also slept with guy A’s FATHER and is now pregnant!

But where did the herpes originally come from? From guy A’s father.

So to sum up this woman is now pregnant, they don’t know if the childs father is father or son, and now everyone has herpes.


2. Affair with his mom

As a hair stylist, I hear a lot of crazy gossip. Sometimes I’ll get a client and they’ll refer their sibling or parent or some other relative. I just have to pretend I don’t know shit when they start telling me gossip about other clients. It’s wild. A friend/client of mine referred her aunt and she was very comfortable telling me a lot of her personal business. Aunt wouldn’t stop telling me how much she hates her son-in-law and vice versa. They despise each other. Her and her daughter are very close and I was thinking maybe she’s just overbearing or overprotective of her. She then refers her daughter to me. I don’t tell her anything her mom says to me. Daughter tells me that her husband cheated on her before so she’s just mentally checked out of their marriage. She knows he lies and says he’s staying late for work when he’s actually seeing some other girls. She doesn’t care anymore, she just stays for the kids. Because of this, her mom hates him and tries to keep the kids away from their dad. She takes care of the kids when the daughter works cause the husband won’t show up to pick up the kids just to avoid seeing her. SO fast forward a couple weeks later, we cycle back to my friend who originally referred them to me. She asked me how the appointment went. I said good, I was vague about it, I just said that it seems like they’re going through a lot. She then spills the beans. Long story short: The woman that the daughter’s husband was having an affair with is her OWN MOTHER. He cut things off with her and she now hates him and makes his life difficult. The daughter doesn’t know. The mother’s husband knows she had an affair but doesn’t know it’s with the son in law. Several people in the family know but no one is telling them. It’s a fucking mess.


3. This one’s a doozy!

Last year I lived in a house with two other women and one man (were all in a postgrad course together). There was girl a, girl b and the guy.

Girl A was really close friends with the guy. Like REALLY close. Texted daily, woke each other up with instagram posts, cooked together, basically in a relationship without the relationship. He even got drunk once and told her he would be jealous if she brought another guy home. She of course caught feelings because who wouldn’t?

Girl b disliked this guy immensely, even went as far as making some pretty insensitive comments about his appearance to his face. Despite this everyone was friendly and the first few months of living together went smoothly.

So after girl A caught feelings, she told girl B and myself. I stayed supportive but didn’t influence her decision about whether to tell him or not- I just want to pass my course and get my degree. Girl B, though, was rather pushy about girl A disclosing her feelings for the guy- would ask like every other week if she had told him about her feelings yet, encouraged her to tell him, etc.

Girl A finally disclosed to the guy that she liked him. He said the feelings weren’t mutual, and she took it like a champ, still wanted to be friends with no weirdness. Then, about 5 days later, he says he’s interested in girl B and wants to pursue a relationship with her. Cue confusion.

So girl B comes to girl A and says she actually ALSO has feelings for this guy, and would girl A be okay if she pursued a relationship? Of fucking course not. She just disclosed her feelings 5 days ago, this is still raw, everyone’s living together, no way. She says she’d prefer if she didn’t do that right now since it still stings.

Guy comes home and explodes at girl A. How could she EVER think she had a chance with him, she’s way too heavy for him to ever be interested, she has completely ruined his chance with girl B because she had hurt feelings and now his life is terrible because of her.

Long story short, girl B and the guy had been secretly fucking for two months after everybody went to bed. Girl B knew girl A liked him and still slept with him, and actively encouraged girl A to tell the guy she liked him.

Guy moved out, blaming everyone else for his problems. I moved out not soon after because I was stranded with these two girls and the house dynamic was weird. Last I heard girl B and the guy are still together. They deserve each other.


4. Casino

I (25F) used to work at a casino in a small department. My boss (45M) was never inappropriate with me, or made me feel uncomfortable. He’s also married, with five kids, the youngest is a year old. One time I left work and realized I left my wallet in my desk, so I went back to get it. When I got there, everyone had already left for the day but my bosses’ office door was closed, and the light was still on. My department was very particular about leaving lights on for some reason so on my way out, I figured I would help him out. I opened his office door only to find him having sex with this other married woman from my company. I apologized and ran out. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to him or not, but he never said a word to me about it. Fast forward 6 months, I no longer work there. My old boss has been obsessively texting me, asking if he could taste me, saying he’s been fantasizing about me since day one, etc. I started to confide in a friend who still worked there because I was uncomfortable with everything he was saying… turns out my old boss has slept with almost every single woman that worked at the casino. No joke. And I know that because he kept a black book of secrets, and accidentally dropped it in the parking lot when leaving work one day.


5. Ewww

My half sister’s boyfriend (maybe 20? 21?) Has been cuddling with my stepmom (40). Apparently they’re very close and love to touch each other and have regular ‘spooning’ time where just the two of them go lay down in my dad’s marital bed. My half sister is apparently ok with it now, but she was very upset in the beginning. Can’t imagine what he told her to make it sound ok.


6. Grandpa

Well, I found out that my grandpa had a surgery for a penile implant (those that you can inflate/deflate by a mechanism stored in the balls) to be able to have sex with his mistress that he rents a house for.


7. Illness

Ok for background, I have cystic fibrosis. There is a podcaster in our community who is relatively famous in CF terms (so, not that famous). Now, I’ve never particularly liked this guy.

He’s pretty arrogant in general and misrepresents the disease a lot because he has a milder case than many people do. He’s also said a lot of rude and callous things about lung transplant (which is something many of us get sick enough to need to pursue)

Anyway I found out from my friends who know him that not only did he use his illness to persuade his wife to open their marriage when she did not want to – he also was accused of being creepy, pushy, and maybe even coercive to a very young woman (19 – he’s like, late 20s/early 30s) that he pursued after opening his marriage.

The first part was juicier gossip – the second part is just gross and I wish someone would come forward about him because he’s disgusting.


8. It’s an old story for a reason?

You know that cheap porn storyline about the bored housewife going for the plumbers pipe to thank him for a job well done?

Well, that happened. To a colleague. He found his wife on the plumber. Poor guy was so incredibly upset about it, that he just kept telling the story to anyone…. And everyone was trying so hard not to laugh.


9. Baby

Chick I worked with was sleeping with our manager. Which wasn’t against company policy but was frowned upon. Then they decide to get married after they find out she’s pregnant. A year later, baby is born, and everything is great. Then our manager gets fired, and his wife takes his position. We are confused because it was so sudden, but things happen. Then she files for divorce and tells everyone her baby was the company owners. This sends everyone into chaos because the owners wife was pretty close to this chick. So now our workplace is a battle ground. Eventually, the owners wife files for divorce.

But that’s not even the twist. Found out later that the baby was my ex-managers baby. This chick was just trying to “move up in the world” and tried to pin the kid on the owner. They did sleep together but well before her pregnancy. And she admitted this to me and a few other “trustworthy people” right before our company shut down.


10. Humble pie

My “holier than thou” cousin (17 years my senior) blew up at me and tried to kick me (and my mom and brother) out of her mom’s house when we had no where else to go (this was in 2016). Her reason? I wouldn’t let her order me around the way she does her kids (I was 24 and was living under my aunt’s roof, not my cousin’s). Since then, we‘ve never been close. I only ever talk to her at family gatherings and it’s barely cordial (I only do this for my mom and my aunt’s sake).

These days, she’s started being really nice to me for some strange reason. At first, I thought it was because she wanted something from me (i.e. free house plans/architectural advice). But it turns out she has gone through a lot of hard times, specifically with her second child- her daughter is bipolar and has been having a lot of episodes (more than usual) and I think it’s really started to humble her. She made a comment to my mom about being “so proud” of me for finishing grad school this coming May.

My mama reckons that she’s really regretting what she did, especially since I am on my way to becoming a licensed architect (something she really needs). It makes me laugh because I know I’m never going to help that two-faced brat with anything.


11. TWICE?

The juiciest I’ve ever heard involves someone I know being a murderer. And it has happened twice in my life.


12. Oops.

A super famous guy in my last job’s industry faked a brain tumour to cover up his drug problem, but apparently he’s been found out because he was siphoning money away from his benefactors.


13. Ex

My ex fucked his cousin’s baby momma. She reached out to me for mental health support. I was there for her. She needed it. I could give. She has no idea I know she fucked my ex. He was a shrimp dick who came quick so I’m unbothered. She thinks I don’t know. I say nothing because who even gives a shit?


14. Cheaters

19 year old brother in law married a19 year old girl he knew for like 3 months and dated for 1.5 of those months. They both cheated on eachother while dating within that time period. At the end of the 1.5 months they randomly got married at a court house. Fast forward 3 months after that and she’s pregnant with his (?) kid.

She gives birth next month and she has been drinking/vaping the whole pregnancy. She’s made life a living hell for all of his family and completely turned him against everyone.

Cherry on top? She recently deleted all her photos of him off her Instagram and deleted anything doing with the baby. My take? I think she’s planning on leaving him and lining up her exit as we speak. But we’ll see 🤷‍♀️


15. WHOA.

The reason my friend got divorced is because his wife told him after they got married that she is Trans (FtoM) and wants to begin transitioning now that they are married.


16. Divorce

My ex friend’s parents were going through a divorce it was getting nasty there were rumours but we weren’t sure the actual motivation for it. Eventually his dad was visiting where I lived and he got drunk while having dinner with and it all came out … I mean the fact that he had a secret love child with his secretary that he promptly shipped off back to her home country wasn’t the cause as everyone assumed, although he confirmed that was true. The actual reason for the divorce was he fell in love with their secret threesome partner… this was were the wife drew the line apparently…. Oh and the threesome partner was his friends wife just to top it all off!


17. Affairs everywhere

My manager was caught having an affair with her boss by a patient. Apparently it started at the annual 3 day meeting that our company holds for all upper management. That’s how all of the employees found out. The manager’s husband found out & told the bosses wife. They confronted the cheaters & kicked them out of their homes. Then the two who were cheated on started talking a lot to console each other. They eventually started dating & several years later, are happy/engaged. The Cheaters moved in together, my manager lost her position, the boss was demoted to my managers position. He still went to the annual 3 day meeting this year where he was spotted taking a different manager into his room for the night. Tigers don’t change their stripes.