People Share What They Really Think About Breastfeeding In Public Places (15 Posts)

Even though it shouldn’t be, breastfeeding in a public place can be upsetting for some people. They’ll frown at a mom nursing her child in a park. They’ll have a full meltdown if they see it happen in a restaurant. RELAX. It’s just a boob. Do you want the baby to starve?

On Reddit, people are sharing their thoughts on breastfeeding in restaurants.

And happily most people think of it as the normal act that it is. Look, just because a baby is out and about doesn’t mean the baby has to eat in a bathroom or become enshrouded in a blanket. And guess what? Nursing parents also deserve to be comfortable!

1. Feeding Keeps The Baby Quiet

“A baby can’t scream with a mouthful of boob, so I’d say it’s a win-win.” — ipakookapi

2. Who Even Pays Attention?

“The baby’s gotta eat. Plus I don’t even pay enough attention to other people to even notice or give a sh*t either way.” — Jikal

3. Don’t Isolate Moms

“Babies eat every like 3 hours too in the first few months. It’s crazy people thing we should like isolate the mothers from society so they can take care of the babies.” — Mastermachetier

4. Karens Wagging Their Finger

“My wife fed all of our kids in public areas, but kind of off to the side and in the corner to avoid drama in our southern state in the USA. Even then she would have dried up old Karens wagging their finger saying ‘shame on you.'” — mr_blanket

5. Creepy Men

“I was once breastfeeding my daughter on the beach, aside from my boob being *kind of* out (mostly blocked by the baby) I was wearing shorts and a shirt, more covered than most of the people on the beach. Apparently a dude started watching me that I didn’t notice and his girlfriend took offense to it. She started to approach me, but my mom was with us and gave her the stink eye to end all stink eyes.” — Jessieface13

6. Babies Need To Eat

“I mean it is a restaurant. People go there to eat…seems like the right place for it…” — Spiritual-Wind-3898

7. Who Wants To Nurse In The Bathroom?

“I hate when people say ‘can’t you feed your baby in the toilet?’ Like, sure, why don’t you take your nice panini and latte right off into the loo?” — Struggle_and_Grunt

8. If You Make A Big Deal, What’s Your Deal?

“Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed anyone breast feeding. I’m sure I’ve seen it happen while I was out but I’ve never noticed. I think that says something about the people who do make a big deal out of it.” — SapphireShaddix

9. Leave Moms Alone

“As a woman, I think women should be able to feed their baby wherever. As a matter of personal preference though, I always cover up. I have had soo many creeps stare at me that I don’t like to openly do it.” — soulsista12

10. Don’t Stare

“I’m for it, and I will do the polite thing and not stare.” — TwoCocksInTheButt

11. “Why Can’t People Just Be Happy That Baby Is Fed?”

“So glad people are more ok with nursing now than they were before. It was pretty heartbreaking how many people tried to tell/make me give up nursing and start formula feeding. Why can’t people just be happy that baby is fed?” — FlyingButtPlugs

12. “I Always Feel Judged”

“I am extremely self conscious about it because I’ve had people make nasty comments to me while feeding my baby in a restaurant (and elsewhere). If my baby gets hungry, I don’t give a f*ck about anyone else. I will always feed my hungry baby no matter what, no matter where. I even wear specific nursing tops so no boob is visibly exposed. For this reason, and the fact that the baby gets hot and uncomfortable (Summer in the South, fun!), I also refuse to cover with a blanket. However, I always feel judged and frowned upon for doing so. It’s just hard not to.” — kitterific

13. Stop Sexualizing Breastfeeding

“I would much rather a woman feed her baby than let her baby go hungry. I find people sexualizing a woman feeding her child to be a bit creepy.” — TrueCrimeandWine20

14. An American Thing

“Why are Americans obsessed with the strangest things? In a country where someone blind may legally own a firearm, people are offended by a mother feeding her child. As a European, the American attitude to everything is a mystery.” — Littlewytch

15. Show Your Support

“As a woman who breastfed her baby in public all the time, with a child who needed it for comfort, I have no problem with it. A baby has to eat too. 99.9% of women are able to BF without others even noticing so it’s not an issue. Even if you do notice, give a smile of warm support and move along with your meal.” — Famous_Courage3649

Featured Image: Pexels