People Are Sharing Common Lies About Sex (20 Myths)

The sex-positive movement arose for many reasons, but its key value is that sex is a normal part of human interaction and it should be communicated as so, with an emphasis on bodily autonomy and consent.

One way the movement has benefitted us culturally is through encouraging more open dialogue about sex and sexuality. There are many areas of human sexuality that society tries to keep hush-hush. And by doing so, misinformation can accumulate. By being open about the topic, it is can help keep that misinformation in check.

One Redditor was curious about that misinformation and went to the r/AskReddit subreddit to see what other users thought. User sam_alyamani posted:

“What is the most common lie about sex that most people still believe in?”

We’ve gathered up some of the biggest lies below.

1. A certain intensity does not make it better



2. Everone is different

That sex is easy for everyone and that people just have it whenever, however, with whoever. But no, a lot of people suffer from health and emotional problems, medications, and that it can be just as difficult as any other aspect of life. Even for young people unfortunately.


3. Understand how vaginas work

That women cum just from the penetration. While I’m sure there are women out there who experience that, a lot of us need our clits to be stimulated too.


4. There is no perfect age

That everyone has sex for the first time in high school and if you don’t, you’re weird or unwanted.


5. Larger is not better

that the larger the penis the better the sex. do you know how painful it is when it’s too big?! goddammit it hurts. like holy hell i felt like i was on my period afterwards


6. Not as long as you think

It’s supposed to be an hours-long endurance contest with ever-changing positions.

I blame porn.


7. Keep away from the shower

Sex in the shower is really harder in real life than porn

its dangerous


8. The body just wants to be a jerk sometimes

That a loss of male stimulation means a lack of interest or attraction to their partner.


9. Gender doesn’t mean anything

That men are “always ready to go” and women, well, if you blink, you missed it.

Source: my parents


10. Self-care is important, too

That if you’re sexually active with a partner you won’t masturbate anymore.


11. The ol’ hymen lie

That the hymen is unbroken until the girl loses her virginity. It’s not even remotely true.


12. Why doesn’t anyone understand vaginas?

Not so much about sex but a lot of misconceptions about the female anatomy. We have a vulva that has 2 openings. We do not pee from our vagina. We have a vaginal opening and a urethra.


13. People have preferences

That dick size either matters or doesn’t. Neither are the absolute truth. People have preferences. That’s how humans work. My gf likes that I’m below average, but I know a number of women who wouldn’t like that, and some that wouldn’t really care either way. Just be honest with what you are and find someone who’s happy with it. They’re out there.


14. Communication rules

That talking during sex ruins the mood, that someone should just “know” what to do. Fact of the matter is that without communication the sex will always be meh.


15. Pulling out is not great

The pull out method is a good form of birth control.


16. A good experience shouldn’t have pain or blood

That bleeding and pain are normal for virgin women. They aren’t.


17. Age is just a number

Interest in sex wanes each year as time goes by.


18. Hypocrisy

Why do some people think that a woman having sex with 100 men will make her “loose,” but a woman having sex 100 times with one man will not?


19. It’s sometimes bad

That it’s going to be good every time


20. Vaginas aren’t as complicated as you’d think

That women’s orgasms are too complicated, or optional.


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