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People Are Sharing The Craziest Reasons Their Teachers Got Fired (18 Stories)

The people of Reddit are sharing stories again and this thread is equal parts laughs and gasps. The question was one that every former child could relate to:

“What was the craziest reason a teacher at your school got fired?”

We all had that weird science teacher or that a-hole dean or creepy PE coach, and as a kid, it was hard to realize that teachers are just regular people because they held all the power… until they got fired.  


Here are 18 of the wildest stories shared by Redditors about the craziest reasons a teacher at their school got fired. 


“Our AP calculus teacher in high school had a mental break, ranted for an entire class period about some nonsense, then drank an entire bottle of salsa, stormed out and never came back.” –ChiefPyroManiac


“Our high school art teacher got fired after someone found an old YouTube video of him painting with his ass cheeks. We held a protest to try to keep him around, but they fired him anyway.” –rhymingliming


“I was at a catholic school and one teacher got fired because he remarried after a divorce.” –notyourmate_42


“A teacher at my middle school got fired because they found her picture on an adult site with no top and her number written across her chest.” –ParkityParkPark


“A history teacher I had in high school gave us a a lot of random documentary/movie days, during which she would just sit in the back at her desk drinking tea. The year after I graduated, she had a movie day, and when the film ended she didn’t get up or do anything but sit there, eyes closed. Fearing the worst, some students went to the office and brought an administrator down who found she was passed out drunk. They found bottles in her desk.” –sousverre


“He was caught putting a camera under the girls swimming changing room door.” –AnimeThighsRDelicous


“Sent a porn link instead of google form by email. Many students then commented on the video with a lot of great jokes, funny times.” –niiode


“Threw a chair across the classroom hitting a student in the process. I think she was going through a divorce or something but it was talk of the town throughout the whole week. We never saw her again after that.” –ASP6


“In high school our PE teacher took us canoeing. Instead of checking the weather, he brought 15 freshmen into the channel our school was on. A severe thunderstorm hit, and our teacher paddled safely back to school and left us teens in the water. We tied our canoes together and rowed back to school, but we were drenched and super late. Our teacher was just standing on the dock, not a care in the world. He got fired like two days later.” –ajk9613


“A professor at my college was placed on administrative leave because he was charged with participating in the Rwandan genocide, and was deported shortly after. He ended up being found not guilty, although I think he’s still in a Rwandan prison for denying that the genocide happened.” –chairmanm30w