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Men Are Sharing The Creepiest Things Women Have Done To Them (20 Posts)

We usually hear about the creepiest things MEN do to women.

(Often with good reason; men’s behavior can put women’s lives at risk).

But Reddit user AidenTheGamer14 posed the online forum a different question:

“What’s the creepiest thing a girl has ever said or done to you?”

1. “Carved my initials into her arm.” — Mr_Mori

2. “Drugged me.” — tsevni

A girl I met at a dive bar once shoved a pill in my mouth while we were making out after we got back to my place. It freaked me. I spat it out immediately and asked her “what the fck is this?!”. She just giggled, told me it was a sleeping pill, and asked if she could stay the night. Told her “Uhh… no. Please leave, what the fck.”

3. “Stalked me for five years after we broke up.” — JedLeland

She kept writing me letters at every address I lived at during that five-year period. If she didn’t have the address she’d send them care of my parents. The most memorable is the one where she told me she was married and “he’s a great guy but he’s not you.” Once not long after I’d moved to a new address I came home and found a box of cookies she’d FedExed to me. Eventually I moved to a new state. I knew from her return addresses that she lived and worked there, and was worried we’d run into each other but realized that was pretty unlikely. Then after less than a year, she found me through a blog I was keeping and left a message on my voicemail demanding we meet. I posted a message to her on my blog telling her to stop harrassing me or I’d call the police (up to that point I’d been ignoring her, hoping she’d take the hint). That night she called, I repeated my threat to bring the authorities in, and I haven’t heard from her since.

4. “Tried to nap my cab.” — stuf404

I was going to head home after a night out and a I was getting into my taxi a girl jumped in after me. I asked what they were doing and she said “I’m coming home with you”.

Nope. Taxi driver helped me and she got out the car eventually when I shot down her advances.

5. “Some very odd sexual preferences.” — texan-wanderer

Asked me to dress up in military gear and to roleplay I was r*ping her. She timed this so that her dad was getting home.

6. Sexual Assault — sonheungwin

Not to me specifically, but my friend woke up with his pants off to a girl he had repeatedly rejected trying to get him hard. That was pretty creepy.

7. Messed Up My Life — PoopyAstronaut

Someone I considered a friend started to grow feelings for me, but when she found out I had a girlfriend and I didn’t feel the same for her she found out who my girlfriend was somehow. She then DM’d her and tried to tell her that I was cheating on her with her and that I am a pedo (the “friend” was a couple of years younger than us). Luckily I was with her when she got that DM so I could explain the situation and then we blocked her. Next day she DM’d her again from an alt account.

8. Another Messed Up My Life — AEDSazz

Getting a text from a girl I had met on a cruise saying she loved our time together and asking if i preferred her over my girlfriend. I had maybe spoken to her once and always with people around, so obviously nothing had happened. My gf was with me when the messages came through so it was tough to explain at first cuz you can’t really prove something isn’t true without witnesses. Looking back now I just wonder why someone would ever actively try to mess someone else’s life up for no reason.

9. “A threat during intimacy.” — Jack of Scarlets

“I could kill you right now and no one would know”, during an intimate moment. I suddenly remembered something I had to go and do behind a locked door.

10. Breaking & Entering — Joey41601

Girl I was dating asked if I had changed the locks since breaking up with my ex months prior. I’m like “No, but she wasn’t a crazy person so I never worried about it.” She says if I don’t change the locks she ain’t comfortable sleeping over, so I change the locks. This ex sends me an angry text the next day “So you changed your locks huh? Real nice asshole.” So she had been coming over this whole time and doing who knows what.