Men, Leave These Phrases Off Your Dating Profile If You Want More Matches

Online dating sucks. There are so many apps to choose from and keep up with that are filled with people who are also really tired of being on them. Different people have different expectations and standards when dating and add in some pandemic stress and there’s a chance you might not meet your special someone anytime soon. 

Both women and men have a hard time on dating apps, but usually for different reasons. Men have a hard time getting responses from women (because women get way more matches than men), and women have to decipher if the guy she might meet up with could be dangerous. 

After a lot of swiping, women start to notice patterns on men’s profiles that start to appear lazy or aggressive toward women and use them as a “red flag” to swipe left on. Someone on Reddit asked, “Ladies of reddit, what are some bad phrases you’ve seen on a man’s profile?” 

If you want to have a better dating profile to attract women: take some better photos, don’t criticize other women, and list some of your interests. Make sure you also don’t have any of these phrases on your profile: 

1. Let people enjoy things. 

“A lot of guys seem to think saying, ‘liking The Office is not a personality trait’ is a personality trait.” —u/loc_nessmonster0

2. Write one joke for your profile. 

“If you stack one lasagna on top of another lasagna, you still have one lasagna. It’s clever the first time I read it, not the 200th.” 

3. Stop being mean to women. 

“Guys that say they’re looking for an intellectual companion — which is fine. However, the pretentious rant that comes after usually destroys it. So are you looking for your intellectual equal, or are you looking for someone to dumb it down enough to give your sad rant some credibility? You read books, we got it.” —u/JustWentToGround

4. They’re not in a position to be picky. 

“Anything rude about other women’s profiles, like, ‘you guys use too many filters.’ I don’t, but now I’m definitely not gonna message you.” —u/sadbitchjuiice

5. Relationships take time. 

“’Don’t waste my time’. OK, I swiped left. Congrats on conserving your time.” —u/color-balance

6. I won’t be queuing. 

“‘[Insert quality here]’s to the front of the line’ — as if there’s a line for you.” —u/graeuk

7. Thanks for showing your hand! 

Stuff like “women today don’t know their place, they never appreciate nice guys like me until it’s too late, they’re all so vapid and manipulative these days and I want a woman who knows how to obey, etc”. Why on earth would you think putting that on the front of your profile would be a good way to attract women? –RottenRobyn

8. Well this is an app based on attraction, so yeah. 

“’I’m *inserts height here* since that matters.'”—u/TotesHittingOnY0u

9. Sounds like you had chances and you blew it. 

“‘I’m really a nice guy, just let me show you. No one ever gives me a chance.'” —u/ElephantExplosion

10. Exactly. 

“A friend showed me one that said something like, ‘I’ll treat you right and I expect the same in return,’ which just felt like the dude was saying, ‘I spend money on you, so you better put out for me.'”—u/Techsupportvictim

11. Signs of an annoying person. 

“Anything in the realm of chasing the bag, the grind, enemies wanting to see them fail, etc. Also, saying, ‘Swipe left if you have X amount of bodies.'” —u/creepiest-greek-myth

12. It’s alarming when grown men can’t cook. 

“Anything involving women who can cook: ‘Will introduce you to my parents if you can cook,’ ‘Love a girl who can cook,’ etc. If that’s the relationship two people want, cool, but to me it reads like you can’t cook and expect me to do it for you.” —u/Alternative_Answer

13. Huge “pick me” energy.

Anything that’s unironically self-deprecating.

“I never get matches anyway”

“Nobody swipes right on me…”

“Too ugly/short/poor for Tinder women :((“ –you-lack-attention17

14. Sounds like your dad owns a business you’re inheriting. 

“Anyone that has ‘Entrepreneur’ on their profile is someone I do not want to be around.”—u/WitherWithout

15. It’s actually a really cool skill. 

“Wearing makeup is not a hobby.” —u/darling_of_knowledge

16. More like you’re a jerk.

“When they add, ‘sarcastic’ in their bio. We get it, you’re quirky, bro.” —u/hahfuckyou_

17. You’re not getting any from me.

“I lack attention.” —u/redditcensoredthis

18. The red flag just went up.

“If you can’t take a joke or are easily offended” –u/nzkwjb

19. These people also say women are boring.

“I’m an open book” or “Just ask” – man give me something to work with! -u/Sassylittlespoon

20. Established, but not serious. 

“I’m looking for a woman who’s smart, strong, decisional, funny, has her whole life planned… but i don’t want anything serious” –u/KitchenBiscotti1