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People Are Sharing Stories Of Dumbest People They’ve Ever Met (20 Stories)

There is something comforting in hearing stories about other people doing really dumb stuff. The stories make you feel like either dumb stuff you’ve done is validated or like you’re the smartest person in the world.

But what really brings us together with these stories is that they are universal. Nobody is immune from making themselves look like a total dingus in front of other people.

Redditor your_neighbor420 was curious about users’ experiences with other people and asked:

“People of Reddit, who was the dumbest person you met?”

And the Redditors delievered.

Here are 20 of the dumbest people. We’re sure they were just having an off day.

1. You can’t get Jordans for 90% off

A customer who thought he should be able to get the Jordan Bred 11s for 90% off because of 2 “coupons” he had. One of these coupons was a print out of a 70% off clearance promotion from Nike’s website and the other was a 20% off coupon from Payless that expired in 2017. I’ve never been more confused, frustrated, and exasperated than I was during the 10 minute interaction where myself, two managers and a customer tried to explain to this man why this wasn’t going to happen.


2. The “high” IQ test

I know a woman who bragged on Facebook that she scored 84 on her IQ test…. She thought it was out of 100. 🙄


3. The worker who didn’t know how to work

I was put in charge of training a girl at a coffee shop I worked at. She didn’t know how to make coffee, I literally had to tell her “ok, now pour the coffee in until it reaches this line, no, pour it slower don’t dump the whole pot over the cup.” When trying to train her on register I don’t know if she couldn’t or just refused to count. A total would be $5.98 and she’d tell the person it was $6, when people gave her anything but bills she’d stare at the change and ask me how much that was or she’d say “that’s $2 right?” And there’d be like 50¢ on the counter in dimes and pennies. I tried training her on sandwich station, she would pack the food frozen into the bags and just hand it out. On her breaks I’d have to constantly remind her that 15 minutes means 15 minutes, not 20, not 30, not an hour. We were allowed to have food at work for free within reason and only in the back. She would reach into the pastry case with her bare hand, pick up an item and just eat it at register or right next to the case. There was a lot more she’d do wrong and it got to the point where I thought she was trying to purposefully get fired.


4. Who’s Pearl Harbor?

we were in history class, taking a pop quiz. one of the questions was “where is pearl harbor?” someone raised their hand and asked “who is pearl harbor? and why would I know where he is?” it’s me. I had trouble focusing in school and thought pearl harbor was a person


5. Sinking Manhattan

My former boss was worried that the island of Manhattan would sink with all the extra visitors for New Years and the ball dropping. She thought islands float and when she found out that wasn’t true she thought it was so funny that she told everyone the story.

She was later fired for withholding a pay raise from someone on her team because he didn’t accept her sexual advances. He had the texts to prove it.


6. Belgium Destroyed By Giant Asteroid

My first girlfriend, about 20 years, I showed her one of those newspapers at the time that had made up stories about alien abductions etc, Weekly World News I think it was. One of the headlines was “Belgium Destroyed By Giant Asteroid And No One Noticed For 2 Months” and she thought it was real. Thing was she wasn’t actually dumb, just really innocent and naïve.


7. President Martin Luther King Jr.

I remember when I was little my brother continued to have many strange misconceptions, but I can’t remember any except the one where he said “Martin Luther King Jr. was one president of the U.S. Otherwise, how could he have stood on a podium?”


8. How do dolphins have sex?

Ex-girlfriend. I once said out loud “I wonder how dolphins have sex?” She said, with conviction “There aren’t boy dolphins and girl dolphins. They’re just dolphins.” You know, like magical.

And she argues with me for about 2 hours.


9. Dino rhinos

My ex-gf thought rhinoceroses were dinosaurs. Then, we were watching King Kong and toward the end of the movie she asked if it was based on a true story.


10. Uh, wrong address

For months, I’ve been dealing with a client who doesn’t get their bills.

Every month, they call and ask where it is, we confirm their address and the expected arrival date, I manually generate a new invoice, and e-mail it over.

Today, when confirming the address for like the 6th time, they said “oh, no, that’s not my town or zip” and submitted an address change.

How the hell do you not know where you live?