33 People Share Fetishes Their Exes Had That Did “Absolutely Nothing” For Them

There are all types of people in this world with all types of sexual fetishes. As long as nobody is getting hurt and everything is consensual, I say do whatever makes you happy. But when one partner has a fetish the other partner isn’t really into, it can cause some tension in a relationship. 

Redditor u/Zizzzou asked earlier this month “What fetish did your ex have that did absolutely nothing for you?” and it really makes sense why these people are exes. Like I said, it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who has a fetish you aren’t into. Redditor u/hlgb2015 said it best: “Thats the thing with fetishizing vs having a preference. When you fetishize a group of people, they become a preconceived set of bias’s in your head. It makes it hard to see them as a unique person, and consequently, make it hard to value them as a unique individual as well.”


Car sex. I drive a tiny smart car.—u/Stargaze1534


My ex would always painfully squeeze my nuts right after a BJ. When I screamed she would just look at me and say “you’re welcome.” She thought she was being kinky… all it did was give me an irrational fear of getting a BJ ever again.—u/IceMaverick85


My wife is in to tentacle hentai, it’s not really my thing but i love her so i put on the the squid monster costume.—u/mainlyupsetbyhumans


I once had a guy that asked me to wear my work uniform. I worked at McDonald’s at the time, back when we wore clunky polyester…—u/halcyonmeadow


She wanted to be woken up with sex, but it did nothing for me because she always woke up first.—u/Delica


I once dated a guy that told me he had a thing for waterboarding. As in, he had waterboarded his exes (with their consent). That’s a nope from me, brah.—u/Contrarian_C*nt


She would absolutely quiver about having her eyes licked. I didn’t know that oculolinctus was a thing until I dated her.—u/House_Mehul


He liked the idea of fooling around in public and almost getting caught. I like being in my apartment or hotels or places that it’s totally normal and acceptable to bang. The anxiety of almost getting caught was a turnoff to me.—u/brokenhippie91


He absolutely loved it when people washed dishes. I wish I was kidding, but it got him sprung to watch me do dishes. He also worked in a dish room at a local college, which was uncomfortable.—u/HeCallsMeRoo


My Ex had a fetish for calling me ”Mommy” but it made me super uncomfortable and was a factor in our break up—u/Captin_Novacine