People Are Sharing The Best Replies To Someone Saying “I F—ed Your Mom” (15 Posts)

I will admit to scratching my head a little bit when I saw this question from u/vizex9 over on Reddit:

“What is the best reply to ‘I f–ked your mom’?”

How often are people saying this to you, Vizex9? Why are people saying this to you? When has anyone ever said this?

IDK, maybe it’s a dude thing? But if someone said something this unintelligibly idiotic to me, I think I’d just stare at them blankly. Like. Okay? Did you? I know that you did not, so why do I care—

Anyway. Here’s what some folks told us over on Reddit were some of the best responses.

1. A real zinger

Disappointing your OWN parents just wasn’t enough?


2. Nice

My dad died when I was a kid, so I’ve always just told people something along the lines of “nice, I’ve been looking for a father figure”


3. Pretty lonely

“Oh wow, you’re hooking up with my mom? She’s been pretty lonely since dad died, and with the eczema I was worried she’d have trouble finding someone. I’m glad you’re a great guy that can see her for her.”


4. Mom’s Dead

I dont think necrophilia is something to brag about


5. Fairness

Eye for an eye, I guess.


6. Still dead

Good, shes been lonely since we buried her.


7. Ew

Yeah, and she’s still pissed you got shit on her strap-on.


8. Dad

Cool story dad


9. Thanks!

at least I’m not her biggest disappointment anymore


10. I’ve seen it

Well I’m not fucking your mum – I’ve seen how her kids turn out


11. Charity

Now I know what she meant when she said” I’m doing some charity work tonight.”


12. Impressed

“It’s pretty impressive that you put in the effort to dig her up first”


13. Yeah!

Son was playing GTA online and someone used the “I banged your mom” line on him. I was standing by and heard it, so I asked my son to give me the microphone.

“This is his mom, and it must not have been that good because I certainly don’t remember it.”

My son told me that the server erupted in howls and the dude just logged off.


14. Better you

Better you than someone with a dick.


15. So gross

If I wanted a comeback I would have wiped it off your mom’s face.