These First Date Deal Breakers Are A Good Way To Not Get A Second Date

First dates are scary for everyone involved! He’s scared she’s going to order the most expensive thing on the menu and not have anything to add to the conversation. She’s afraid he’s dangerous or is going to make a move way too soon. They’re both afraid they’ll find out they’re cousins halfway through the date. It’s normal to feel nervous. 

The weirdest first date dealbreaker I had was with someone who wouldn’t tell me what he did for a living. Well, he finally told me. He was the guy who hits the buttons for drone strikes. I’ll pass. 

When you’ve been on multiple bad dates, it gets easier to know which signs you should look for. People on Reddit shared all of their most reliable first date dealbreakers that have saved them a lot of time. Alternatively, feel free to use these as a way to tank a date with someone you really don’t like. 

1. Definitely don’t just watch the other person eat.

2. Can’t help but feel like you wish they were here instead. 

3. Don’t trick me into going to your house. 

4. You’re two steps ahead of me. 

5. Don’t be rude to the waitress–ever. 

6. Have any questions for me? 

7. A simple one-word answer does not work. 

8. I don’t even know you…

9. Don’t ask how many people I’m talking to. 

10. Ask me a question every now and then! 


11. Don’t cross boundaries. 

12. I don’t need to see that. 

13. Please don’t touch me. 

14. Why does anyone think this is okay to say? 

15. This is too intimate. You don’t know me. 

16. This would be kinda scary. 

17. Please shower and smell nice. 

18. If you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to. 

19. Don’t put your arm around me. 

20. All it takes is a courtesy text.