Men Who Discovered Their GFs’ Secret Accounts Share What They Found (20 Posts)

I can’t say I love the idea of the men of reddit sharing what they learned from finding their girlfriends’ secret Reddit accounts. It seems like a violation of privacy, doesn’t it? u/BlueSharker did point out that they wanted to know what people who found the accounts accidentally learned, which takes the bite out of it.

Still… you shouldn’t be in their secret account! You shouldn’t be there at all.

So don’t go looking, but if you still need the scoop on what people learned… here we go.

1. Mouth open

I saw that she complained about me sleeping with my dumb ass mouth open and I didn’t feel the need to dig further. She’s right.


2. Secret hobby!

She’s seriously into anime and comic books. She’d only show mild interest if I ever mentioned it but her Reddit account was basically at least 5 interactions with anime subs per day.


3. So aggro!

She was very aggressive behind the facade of anonymity.


4. Awwww.

She posts on a lot of advice subs, doing a lot of validating and comforting and generally giving good, level-headed advice. I look at her post history sometimes when I’m upset or frustrated with her to remember how kind she is.


5. Encouragement!

My wife asked me to order pizza one night so I went to the only awake computer in the house and it was logged in to Reddit. I didn’t even know she had a Reddit account. The username was fairly spicy (without context) so my mind went nuts and decided to click on the history….

It was all encouraging words to other women entering her (or similar) career path and asking advice about raising our kids.

Best case scenario? haha


6. She’s herself

It shocked me. She’s just as adorable and weird as I thought 🤣


7. Not much

My wife gave me hers. She rarely posts or comments at all. Not very exciting.

Although she regularly looks at mine. Hi Sam!!!


8. RIP this guy

Her karma was higher than mine.


9. Woof.

I found out my girlfriend posted last year (May 2022) that she wanted to break up with me so she could sleep with a coworker. She got a lot of shit about it in the comments, but one female redditor convinced her to just go ahead and cheat one me…and so she did. And I just only found out last month …


10. One post

She has only one post and i always reward her my free award when i have one


11. Up a wall

A few posts complaining about me saying I “drive her up the wall”


12. The cats

That she’s subbed to even more cat subs than me, and posts level-headed and thought-out responses on relationship threads.


13. Uh, okay?

My wife won’t let me have a gf.


14. Well, are you?

My wife unfortunately doesn’t Reddit but she looks over my shoulder as I type and always asks “are you fighting someone again?”


15. Talk to her

She had made multiple posts asking for men to talk to her because she was lonely at night. I was down with COVID at that time with no one to take care of me. Needless to say she became an ex very soon after that.


16. Oh me oh my!

That she had a VERY obscure kink that she was keeping from me.


17. No surprises here

My wife is exactly the same as she is in real life when it comes to Reddit. At the same time it feels quite personal so out of an abundance of respect and love I never look at her post or comment history. I know the username and occasionally stumble across her comments in subs we are both in but that’s about it.


18. The cats!

Cats….. she has joined like 20 different subreddits for just cats since she joined Reddit and it goes up every other day, r/danglers is my fave she has showed me


19. Yikes

She’s an escort


20. I — what?

She smokes baked beans when she’s drunk. Has a bong and torch for it and everything.

Never thought this would be me