People Are Revealing What’s Hidden Under Their Beds (18 Posts)

A recent post to the AskReddit community took off yesterday. It all started when u/Virial23 asked: “What is under your bed?” and Reddit users delivered; some answers were quippy, some were… let’s say… spooky! Enjoy.

1. Very literal

Another mattress. I don’t have a bed frame


2. Junk


All filled with random junk I’ll probably never use. Oh, and a Camera tripod, I do not own a camera though so I do not know why I own a tripod for one…


3. Nope

Nope. I’m not looking under there. Nice try.


4. A sanctuary

Under the bed lies the sanctuary that protects monsters from the humans lurking in the light.


5. Everything

Everything under my bed:

A foot massager

An X-box 360 controller

A backpack from the last school year

My grandpa’s chess set

Two cats

A broken, toy accordion

Four forgotten chapsticks

The book Earth by Smithsonian

A leather belt


6. Who knows

Same stuff that was under there 7+ years ago.


7. Not looking

I’m in a hotel so it could be nothing at all or a dead hooker I’m not checking.


8. The pets

Pet hair. My husky watched my cat climb under the furniture and now they hide out together.

Edit: sorry for the delay, everyone. I don’t have Reddit notifications on and didn’t know this took off. I downloaded Imgur so I could add my pet tax

There is a picture of the first time the dog discovered that he could also shimmy under the futon in my office. He fits much better under the bed and prefers that spot.

under the bed, wanting to be a cat 

his favorite spot


9. Chill, cop

Dust, a handful of unmatched socks, winter clothes in storage bins and …. definitely NOT a kilo of blow, officer.


10. Hiding from mom

A ps4 that I’m hiding from my mother because she’s batshit insane and thinks I’ll end up a murderer for playing Ratchet and Clank.


11. Trundle

A pull out bed.


12. Birth control

My birth control (aka: two massive boxes of Magic the Gathering cards)


13. A portal

I’d say nothing is under there but my cat finds a little portal down there I swear…she’s gone for like…hours.


14. Nuts

A coconut…


15. Monster feet

A pair of flipflops, laptop, and a set of monster feet slippers.


16. Lock it up

A lockbox full of my sex toys, since I live with an overbearing roommate who goes through my room looking for things to get mad about.


17. Jesus

Once I had a girlfriend and her grandma was very religious… We were often at home at her Place and on one Day my Smartphone fell under the bed… I got under the bed to get it and was suprised. A Picture of Jesus Christ, clearly printed with a low quality printer Was sticked under the bed in the Center of it… We felt very strange about it because my gf didnt knew it and her grandma had died the year before…


18. Murder

Tiny remains of something my puppy has destroyed that I will be unable to see until I need to move the bed.