Hiring Managers Are Sharing The Biggest Red Flags They Missed During The Interview Process

If you’ve never been on the other side of the hiring process, let me tell you: it’s not fun. While tons of applicants might apply to the job posting, many of them don’t even follow the directions properly and even attach a resume. When you actually get to the interviews, many people show up late, with wet hair, or spend the whole interview talking about their old boss that they hate. Look, a lot of us hate our boss, but you can’t tell your new boss that.

Not yet at least. 

There are so many hiring red flags like these when interviewing that sometimes you have to ignore the red flags and go with someone who seems risky.

Hiring managers on Reddit are talking about times they had to do exactly that and it didn’t end up paying off in the end.

1. Didn’t understand clocks.

2. They used emojis on the resume. 

3. “Passive aggressive” is not a strength. 

4. If you’re fired once you shouldn’t be hired again. 

5. Make sure they’re not injured. 

6. Guess what? I don’t like you either. 

7. Now you know. 

8. They just want a raise. 

9. Don’t be too critical. 

10. Make sure they’re not running. 

11. Cliches don’t mean much in real life. 

12. Make sure they understand the job. 

13. They’re too busy to work. 

14. Don’t hire a sexist. 

15. This sounds bad. 

16. They will be calling in sick on 4/20

17. And finally, the biggest red flag.