People Reveal What Turns Them On Instantly (20 Posts)

We all have our sexual preferences, our kinks, and our turn-ons. And as long as you’re not hurting anyone, there should be no shame in your game. Openly discussing our likes and dislikes when it comes to sex and the things we find attractive, shouldn’t be taboo. It should be more than a whisper, it should be celebrated.

In that spirit, a Reddit thread recently posed the question:

“What instantly turns you on?”

And users were more than happy to chime in.

Answers came pouring in from both men and women, sharing the little things and not so little things that they find sexy. We’re talking about everything from the sound of a woman’s laughter to the pulsating veins under a man’s skin to partners being super dominant and everything in-between.

Here are 20 instant turn-ons, according to Redditors.

1. Simple but effective.

Sitting in my lap.


2. Neck kisses

Hugs from behind and my neck being sucked on…


3. The cuteness!

The little noise of comfort my girlfriend makes when hugging or kissing her and knowing she’s truly relaxed. She works so hard that knowing she feels completely safe and relaxed gets me going instantly.


4. This one earned a wholesome reward and everything.

Watching a man unbuckle his belt…


5. That walk…

Walking towards you making eye contact while pulling his shirt from his suit pants.


6. Smart is sexy.

When someone outsmarts me, teaches me something new or knows something I’m unaware of. Even if it’s in a frustrating situation or I don’t like the person I still feel this weird attraction.


7. Smells are also great.

I can’t describe it perfectly… but there’s a smell. I don’t think it’s a perfume. I had a girlfriend once who had a smell to her and it’s drove me up the fucking wall.. like pure primal brain activation I must fuck you right now type of thing. Very rarely, every few years I’ll smell it in public as someone walks by and it LITERALLY stops me in my tracks everytime.. my logical brain turns off for a moment. But yea… THAT


8. Another walk…

When a woman has one of those walks where her hips sway a little bit. Sway maybe isn’t the right word. It’s hard to describe!


9. More smells.

The smell of a man fresh out of the shower.


10. Getting close

Leaning in close enough to whisper something that I can feel their breath on my neck.


11. When she takes the lead

When my wife initiates the intimacy and sex, it’s nice when I don’t have to be the one taking the lead.


12. Glasses

Women with glasses, I’m not sure why but it just does…


13. Just being hot…

An attractive person touching my genitals


14. Laughter

A girl who looks and sounds cute when laughing makes me weak in the knees


15. Taking control

Being pinned down in a non violent but assertive way.


16. A little wrist action…

A man’s wrist. Specifically the area where the wrist forms into the hand.

If I’m attracted to you, I’ve already visualized you gripping about five different body parts within seconds.


17. Half up, half down.

Girls who wear their hair half up.


18. Lady boners for everyone.

I was standing against a wall and my husband put his hands against the wall, boxing me in. He looked at me deeply and I instantly got a lady boner.


19. Nails

Nails scratching against my skin, dunno why but I pitch a tent every time


20. Effortless flirting

The ability to flirt to without words, or without directly speaking to one another.

Eye-flirting, making broad statements to one person that are intended for you to overhear while eavesdropping, anonymous gifts or letters.