People Share The Jobs They Usually Associate With Jerks (18 Posts)

Are there certain jobs that attract jerks? People on Reddit seem to think so. While jerks can certainly work at any job, there are some careers out there that seem to stereotypically be associated with awful people. Have you ever been harassed at the gym by an over-eager trainer? Had to deal with someone working in HR who seemed to willfully ignore you? And don’t forget the feeling of annoyance you had when the high school bully contacted you to try and sell some “amazing” leggings or face cream.

1. Salespeople

“Any job where you can steal customers from your colleague. Salespeople can be one.” — pk1950

2. Recruiters

“3rd Party Recruiters. False charm, constant lies, ghosting people, spamming, terrible attention spans and an inability to simply read a darn resume to see what people actually do rather than just 1 keyword. ‘Hey are you an Engineer or Artist? We have a role for you!’ OK buddy, way to narrow things down…” — Significant-Dog-8166

3. Personal Trainers

“Personal trainers at a lifetime. Had this one incident where this trainer kept blatantly laughing at me whenever I I did my next set of deadlifts and it honestly disheartened me so much. I already had some hesitancy of getting on the stage area because it was so out in the open. Don’t miss that particular place.” — JmyKane

4. Entertainment Agents

“I work in entertainment. Talent agents and managers top the list, then some talent themselves.” — BitterPainting8429

5. MLM

“MLM’s on Facebook. Girl I haven’t talked to since high school: ‘Hey girl!! Long time no talk! Guess how I’ve been losing weight?! You should try this product too!'” — murphy_girl

6. Televangelists

“Televangelists” — weaponized-intel

7. Fitness Coaches

“BeachBody coaches. Bleh.” — averagebutgood

8. Surgeons

“Every surgeon I’ve ever met was either one of the kindest, noblest, most intelligent people on the planet or a fucking sociopath.” — Relative_Count6087

9. Paparazzi

“Paparazzi.” — vaegrim

10. Oil Riggers

“I used to sell oil rig equipment. I never met anyone who ran a rig that wasn’t a complete twat.” — BurnsX-24

11. Insurance Company Big Wigs

“Whoever calls the shots at the insurance company.” — finney1013

12. Life Coaches

“‘Life Coach’ = burnt out douche/wannabe social media influencer.” — unpickedusername

13. Head Chefs

“Head chef. I made it to sous before leaving ‘traditional’ kitchen work. They’re all f*cking miserable unless they own the place and are so rich they can just pay someone else to do the work. The executive chef at my last gig, owner, liked to show up to manager meetings in a car that costs ~$200,000. I couldn’t convince the people in charge of payroll that the reason we couldn’t find and retain decent prep cooks was the fact that they paid minimum wage.” — bleedingfingaz

14. Restaurant Managers

“This comes from personal experience. Restaurant managers. Anyone that has worked in the restaurant industry knows just how much of a prick your manager(s) can be.” — Environmental_Pea831

15. Car Salespeople

“Worked in car sales for 2 years. Couldn’t get out of it fast enough. I felt like a sleaze ball, and I was the most honest salesman on the lot by a country mile.” — bigpancakeguy

16. HR

“There’s always a Bernice or Linda in HR who’s in everybody’s business but their own.” — momogirl200

17. Politicians

“Politicians.” — Amoeboid_Changeling_

18. Investment Bankers

“Investment Bankers.” — sejcone

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