People Who Wake Up And Choose Kindness Explain Why They’re So Nice (17 Posts)

We live in a cruel world. But there are pockets of brightness: kind people. It doesn’t take much to be kind, and folks are sharing why they make the choice to embrace niceness when dealing with other people. Some understand that it doesn’t take a lot to extend kindness to people—and being kind to someone might make a big difference in their day.

Redditor u/jeev07 asked: “People who choose to be kind every day despite not receiving the same kindness back, what motivates you?”

And these good-hearted people are sharing the reasons why they choose kindness in their lives. We could all learn something from them.

1. Empathy

“Because I could be the other person.” — felipebsr

2. Self-respect

“I try not to reproduce behaviour I don‘t like in other people. Makes me like myself more.” —Grand-Ad4739

3. Self-confidence

“When you live consistent to your values and principles, it builds your self confidence, esteem, and just generally you walk lighter. That’s more than enough reason. If the only reason you’re kind to people is to get something back, you will always only ever be disappointed. Do it for yourself.” — misterandosan

4. Chance to brighten days

“Because I know how it feels when you’re down and your day/week/month/year just f*cking sucks, and if there’s a chance I can make just one person who feels like that have a better day and feel good for a bit, then it’s worth it.” — PubicAnimeNummerJuan

5. Everyone can do it

“I’m not especially strong or educated, I’m not particularly well off and I know I can get carried away and come off as annoying sometimes. So if I can’t be strong or smart, socially adept or successful I can definitely be kind.” — heinousheatwave

6. Don’t expect reciprocity

“I don’t expect people to be kind back.” — BlueGrotta

7. Family tradition

“I think a lot of it boils down to how you are raised, my dad came from an extremely loving family and my mum didn’t. My dad will do anything for anyone and doesn’t expect something in return and is always pleasantly surprised when they reciprocate because that’s how he was raised. My mum made the conscious decision that she would never be like her family and is right there with my dad. They are both so supportive of me and my brother, and by extension all of our friends because they see anyone who is part of their life a family. Lost count of the amount of times growing up we had friends stay with us because they had fallen out with their own parents. I try to do the same, and raise my girls the same.” — Justmeandmygirls

8. It’s free

“It just never hurts to be nice. You don’t know what people go through or how long it’s been since someone said something or did nice for someone, so I do my part to reset the clock on that. I remember holding the door for a guy one time when he was like 20 feet behind me, and he was so appreciative that someone did something for him that sounded like he was about to tear up. You just never know, so why not be a good person?” — FryinGosling

9. Do no harm

“I just think you shouldn’t make anyone else’s life harder than it already is.” — Maxxonry

10. Fighting angry people

“Anger. The world is often sh*tty and people are often selfish. So I’m relentlessly positive and friendly even when others abuse it. I’m not letting sh*tty people gaslight me into being like them.” — Teh_Mongoose