Men Are Sharing Telltale Signs Another Guy Is Insecure (20 Posts)

We all have insecurities and sometimes, those insecurities can cause us to act out of character. When people, especially men, don’t feel they are able to live up to the standards society has set for them then things can get ugly.

In recent Reddit post on r/AskMen, guys chimed in to share signs that indicate men are insecure.

“What is a telltale sign that a man is insecure about his masculinity or himself in general?” was the question posed, and things got interesting.

The answers included silly things like preferences for memes, drinks, and YouTube videos. But there are also more serious issues, like constantly putting down other men, obsessively putting forward an “alpha male” persona, and even rotating through women for the hell of it.

Here are 20 signs a man is insecure, according to the internet.

1. The classic 1UP

Constant attempts to “one-up” anything and anyone at anytime.


2. White Claw

When he drinks White Claws?


3. Braggart

Constantly looking for the need to brag about your wealth and physical prowess, especially on social media. I know a few dudes who define themselves by the amount of money they’ve made or how they’re better than everyone because they practice a certain martial art.


4. Not supportive

When he’s not supportive of the other men in his life. A truly masculine man loves and supports his brothers and celebrates their achievement

An insecure man brings others down to prove he’s on “top.”


5. “Alpha”

If he claims to be an “alpha male” – dude, if you have to tell people (loudly and often) that you’re alpha, you are definitely not.


6. YouTube video preferences

You know they watch those f–king youtube videos that go something like “10 things that will make women notice you”


7. Doing too much…

Over the top displays, or almost caricatures, of masculinity. Making an effort to communicate dominance, like the sticker you described.


8. Talking too much

Trying to dominate a conversation or activity for no reason/Being needlessly competitive.

Edit: With emphasis on “for no reason,” and “needlessly.”


9. Need to be right

Always fighting to be right no matter what, even if someone obviously knows what they are talking about.


10. Always in a relationship

Constant need to be in a relationship or have a “girlfriend” no matter how he feels about her.


11. Uncomfortable with closeness

Guys who are uncomfortable being CLOSE emotionally or physically around other men in fear of being gay or emasculated. Also just trust your gut around people. Everyone has insecurities but there’s a fine line as to when it’s a part of people verses when people are a part of them.


12. Overzealous in the gym

The overzealous gym bro. The absolute worst.

It’s the guy at the gym busting his ass like a machine with his head down that’s really impressive. He means business.


13. Meme choices

People online who post cringey graphics of a lion or the joker with an equally cringe quote next to it saying something along tbe lines of “followers work for other, the alpha works for themselves” with some dollar signs next to it. Or other similar “motivational woke” posts.


14. Narrow-minded

His view on what makes a man a man is narrow. In his mind, there are only 2-3 types of men and other types are wrong.


15. Nicknames…

Creates a nickname for himself.


16. And how he refers to himself

I did once meet a guy who referred to himself in the 3rd person. He told me “someone once walked up to The Manny and told me I needed to calm the f–k down.”

When I pressed him on it he said because he was the manny and nothing else was said.


17. Truck nuts!

Putting nuts on their trucks probably.


18. Dodging compliments

Whenever he insults himself a lot, doesn’t like to be complimented, when he acts very negative.

These are some of the things that I do when I’m insecure.


19. Seeking validation

Whenever the dude constantly asks for validation from other people.


20. Throwback

Insecure about himself: he’s middle age but constantly shares photos of himself in his “prime” such as football team, military uniform etc.