People Are Sharing Examples Of Stereotypical Millennial Home Decor (14 Posts)

I am already cringing at the thought of those “EAT!” and “Live, Laugh, Love!” signs all over the place.

I strongly, strongly feel that you shouldn’t need a sign in your kitchen to remind you of what goes on there. Like. I believe in you. I bet you will figure it out.

Between that and some other really weird choices, Millennials definitely have a style of their own. Let’s check out what people in the BuzzFeed Community said about millennial home decor.


“The only people I’ve ever known to use the Live, Laugh, Love shit as decor have been millennials.” —swampdog

2. Sparkly

“Millennial/Gen Z decor is tapestries covered in fairy lights. It looks like a teenager’s bedroom — stop doing your whole house like that.” —monikap6

3. Country everything

“When millennials today get faux country decor when they live in the suburbs or city.” —lincolncitykdoo

4. Modern farmhouse

“Or the ‘modern farmhouse chic’ vibe/decor style that every millennial home does. It literally has a category on furniture sites now.” —itmesg

5. Veneer

“Veneer furniture.” —lincolncitykdoo

6. TV Stands

“Millennials purchase those TV stands with built-in fake fireplace things.” —lincolncitykdoo

7. The hoodies

“Millennials all have a tacky coffee table with some sort of gaming console on it. Oh, and a bong! There’s also a hoodie on a hook at the bottom of the stairway, a hoodie in a heap on the floor, and a hoodie draped over a cheap thrift store recliner.” —donaldputinkgb

8. Macrame

“Macrame plant hangers.” —luxahoy


“The ‘Millennial Home Goods Quote Aesthetic‘ is genuinely nauseating. ‘But first, coffee,’ and sayings about how the house is a home, how family means xyz, or some corny sassy quote.” —Anonymous

10. Art

“Creepy, delusional, over-detailed modern ‘art.'” —u/pentagonal_cp

11. IKEA

“Millennials buy a house they can’t afford and decorate it with $30 cube shelving and one sofa.” —fabsword92

12. No color

“All gray or white walls, floors, cabinets, etc. Put some more color in there! Also windows that take up the whole wall, especially for bathrooms in some really expensive houses. Where’s the privacy?” —u/JustAnotherAviatrix

13. Again, no color

“White and sterile interiors.” —u/ohsoregenius

14. Photo walls

“Millennials love to decorate their houses with these big collages of them and their friends. Like, pick a few pics, frame them, and hang them up. It’s giving college dorm vibes…” —Anonymous