Millennials Are Sharing What They Don’t Get About Gen Z (20 Posts)

Hey, millennials. Can we, uh, not do this? We had it done to us our entire adult lives, why are we starting the “Millennial V Gen Z” wars?

Yeah, this question is tamer than most, but I posit that it’s a slippery slope and I hope we don’t start Boomer-ing these kids.

Redditor u/Dramatic-Anywhere-50 wondered, “Millennials, what confuses you about Gen Z?” 


1. Tide Pods

I’m confused why I have to hide the tide pods from Gen Z. Can’t I just put a Mr. Yuck sticker on them?


2. No phase

Why does it seem like they all skipped the awkward phase? It’s like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks.


3. Sneakers

Why are all the sneakers so bulky?


4. Who leads you?

Where are all the Gen Z celebrities? Apart from Tom Holland and Zendaya, I cannot think of a leading man or woman in Hollywood in their 20s. Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in the Barbie movie and he’s 41.


5. Perms?

How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way that’s super in right now, are they out getting perms?


6. Emailing

I coach lots of gen z-ers. What the fuck are their emails? I was working with a few to get something done and instead of sending ONE email with the information. Three separate people emailed one person random piecemeal information with ZERO context. I had to remind them that email is not text message and have all your ducks in a row before hitting send. For the love of God. Otherwise, nothing confuses me about them. Like all generations…they are one.


7. Based

What does based mean?


8. Twas long ago

The fact they might think about the 90s the same way i thought about the 80s or 70s when i was a child of the 90s, a long time ago


9. Humor

They have a very weird and strange sense of humour… like it’s hard articulate what it. is exactly… but it’s quite precise?


10. You didn’t start this fire

Why some of them act like they pioneered the social media/influencer boom or look at me surprised because I have Snapchat, etc, even though many of these came out when millennials like me were in our early 20s and the core demographic


11. Quit gaslighting

One of the more interesting things I’ve read said that the biggest mindfuck of getting older is talking to young people who will emphatically say things that are objectively false and argue that you don’t understand things that you literally lived through.


12. No cares

How incredibly tolerant they are of ads and being tracked constantly.


13. The TikTok

I’ve never understood the desire to copy those TikTok challenge trends.


14. The churn

TikTok trends where they all go out to buy a particular item then toss it and move on to the next thing. All generations had trends but with social media, the turnover is a lot quicker. It’s almost herd mentality.


15. The hair

Why do the guys in your generation get haircuts that make them look like a head of broccoli?


16. Not the GIFs

I found out the other day that they think gifs are for boomers which shook me. 


17. Think ahead

Do none of you realize putting your entire lives on the Internet is going to come back to bite you in the ass someday?


18. Y’ok?

Are you… okay? Anywhere I go to shop y’all look miserable. (I mean this in a genuine way lol)


19. Short form

I don’t understand the rise of short form content like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. I will happily have a 4 hour video up in the background while I do things and the short form content annoys me. Even my preferred viewing experience when I’m actively watching is around a half hour. I can only assume the gen Z population is part of the reason for short form content taking over and I just don’t see the appeal.


20. Why? 🙁

I don’t understand why some hate millennials so much. I don’t really care if they do, we’re pretty used to it by now since we were blamed for killing everything, I just don’t understand their reasoning behind it.