20 Non-Boomers Share The Things They’re Total Boomers About

Guys, remember when the media was like OH NO MILLENNIALS ARE NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!! during the pandemic when grocery stores were all running out of everything? Apparently millennial shopping patterns are to pop by the store whenever and buy things only for a few days or grab one or two ingredients.

NOT THIS MILLENNIAL. Oh, y’all, I was riding high with my Boomer-style stocked fridge and pantries.

I also think they’re dead right about menu QR codes, but that’s another story.

Today we have a thread from u/-InconspicuousMoose-, who wanted to know, “What’s something you’re a total “Boomer” about, even if you’re “with the times” for most everything else?”

1. PSST. Use a fake email.

I shouldn’t have to get an account for every fucking website I buy something from and be hit with spam every day. I know it’s because you can opt out of ad tracking or whatever the change is that’s made this more prevalent but it’s incredibly irritating.

You sell me something, I give you cash. We’re done.


2. Stop with the damn apps

Not everything needs its own fucking app. And I’m not giving you my cell phone number at the check out when I’m buying toothpaste at Target.


3. Cars

Car makers need to stop putting all of the cars controls on touch screens. Physical knobs are simpler, cheaper and able to be manipulated without looking at them. In my car if I’m using Google maps and I want to change something specific with the climate control, I have to back out of 2 screens in Android auto, select ford sync then select the climate tab all on the screen. Mine does have a couple physical buttons for temperature, fan speed and auto but if I want to manually direct the air somewhere or most commonly turn off dual mode after someone has ridden with me, I have to go through that whole thing. All I really need is 3 knobs. How hot do you want it, where do you want it and how fast do you want it.


4. Turn it OFF.

Let your kids play without electronics.


5. These things suck so much

Using automated telephone systems. Just let me talk to a human being!


6. Snow days

Kids should get snow days, damnit. There’s nothing more magical than a surprise day off


7. Put them away

Cameras everywhere + the internet. Everyone filming everything all the time. Something happened in public that you don’t want the whole world to see all the time for the rest of forever? Tough shit. Wanted to see the concert? Too bad. You can’t see the stage through cameras. At an event or scenic spot? Gotta wade through the sea of IG models to get anywhere. Visiting family? You’re about to see pictures of yourself you didn’t even know were taken pop up on Facebook. Security cameras in houses. Your whole visit was just recorded. And those creepy spy cams? Yeah, people are using them as nanny cams. No one would ever think of using them for something pervy, and they certainly wouldn’t put it online…

Ffs, I’m a photographer/videographer. I love cameras. But there’s a time and a place. Not all the time and everywhere.


8. News

“News” these days is not news and social media is cancer.


9. Subs for all!

Having to pay any subscription for my car. I shouldn’t have to pay a subscription for remote start (looking at you Dodge 😳).


10. KISS

Some things should be simple and durable. I’d love a tool that only has three functions and will last me 20 years. Not a “modern” upgrade that cracks after the first few uses and its programming has planned obsolescence after a year (looking at you printers).


11. Voice recognition

Voice recognition. I refuse to use Siri, Alexa, and whatever else they have. Turning this feature constantly on means it’s constantly listening on me. Call me a boomer, but I’m not letting these companies legally listen to everything that I do.

I’m fairly tech savvy otherwise.


12. AI

A.I. for customer care support. If it is something that A.I. can do, I can do it myself on an app or web. Then if and when you get a person, they make you listen to a recording of how most problems can be solved on their crappy app before you speak to someone


13. No replacements

Being an older Gen Xer, both of my parents were born during the Great Depression. I do not replace anything that still works, I bought a new Dodge truck in 2000, it has 330,000 miles on it and serves its purpose as good as when it was new. The same goes for my flip phone and CRT television, I find it incredibly hard to throw anything out that still works. Having said that, I was able to retire at 54 though, so it is not a horrible thing.


14. TikTok

I refuse to deal with tik tok and find it stupid


15. No more accounts

Fuck every retailer that wants to give me a fucking account. Fuck your points and data collection. I go in to buy a stick of deodorant at target and have to bypass not putting in my phone number. Cashier always says, “are you sure?” Like I’m a fucking idiot. Yes I’m god damn sure. You turned what should be a 5 min interaction into a 10 min hassle. Shut up and take my money.


16. Tipping

I have become very bitter towards the act of tipping. A simple ice latte shouldn’t have 18% tip as the smallest amount. It takes them a wapping 2 min at most to make it


17. So true

Influencers suck


18. QR codes

QR codes for menus. I understand how it helped keep COVID contamination down, but as we’ve started to “move on” from the pandemic, it just feels like a shortcut. When I dine in somewhere, I want to have a physical menu in front of me. Nowadays it feels like a lack of effort from the restaurant.


19. Names

These new names are absolutely awful. Yes I agree that there are too many Johns & Sarahs but there’s plenty of other strong names across all cultures and languages that already exist. We don’t need you to make up a new word. And please stop spelling traditional names differently. It’s not cute or unique.


20. Fashion

Fashion. Cannot for the life of me come up with an outfit that’s aesthetically pleasing. The majority of what I wear is just hoodies with random pants that aren’t the same colour