People Are Sharing Things That Feel “Very Sexual” Even Though They’re Not (20 Posts)

Going through life, you’re bound to have many types of interactions with other people. During pandemic times? Not so much. Mostly we’re trying to avoid each other to keep each other safe. Lots of people are lonely and miss physical touch—all kinds.

That’s why this Reddit thread of non-sexual things that feel sexual is so great. It reminds us of all the awkward encounters we have with people that are decidedly non-sexual but still feel weirdly sexual. Like tying someone’s tie. Or accidentally brushing hands with a stranger in the street. Or having your hair washed at the salon. Keep strong and you will eventually be able to go to the 


“When I get a deep tissue massage and they work a very problematic knot in my shoulder. My eyes roll back and I try not to cry out. It hurts so bad but feels so good.” — colocada


“Tying someone else’s tie for them.” — MushroomyAccount


“Stretching as soon as you wake up. That leg shake stretch.” — RickysBloodyAsshole


“When someone gives you a hand to help you up from a boat to the dock.” — unimportantMango


“Prolonged, intense eye contact.” — wolflady4


“Jumping in a warm shower when you’re freezing cold. It’s so utterly pleasurable and consuming, much in the way an orgasm is, yet there’s nothing sexual about it.” — Dr_Cannibalism


“Someone other than you removing your glasses from your face.” — patrickverbatum


“Hugging from behind.” — CeleryOutrageous8763


“When anyone raises their arms to stretch and their shirt gets lifted up slightly. It sometimes feel like an unintentional striptease.” — AngstySpoon


“When a girl puts her hand up to yours and remarks on how yours is so much bigger.” — arrowff