People Are Sharing Things That Feel Orgasmic But Aren’t Orgasms (20 Posts)

A really good orgasm is hard to beat but there are some feelings that come pretty darn close. There is no sex involved but your body tenses, relaxes, and time seems to stand still. Everything is right in your world for a few moments and you find yourself walking on cloud nine. It’s orgasmic but it wasn’t an orgasm.

In a new Reddit thread, folks are diving into this and sharing the things that feel orgasmic to them.

The discussion gets super specific and a little uncomfortable. Answers include everything, from peeing after holding it for a long time to being able to make that final payment. There’s also a little butt action and back-scratching, head rubs, and losing yourself in a brilliant track.

Without further ado, here are 20 things that feel almost as good as an orgasm.

1. Pee shivers

Peeing after holding it in for a while then getting those goosebumps…


2. Digestion?

I’m on chemotherapy, and I recently went 50 days without keeping down solid food. The first time I digested unbuttered mashed potatoes with chicken broth, It felt like a non-stop 3 hour orgasm the entire way through.


3. Completing a task…

Closing those 10 tabs, word, PowerPoint after finishing a project/assignment.


4. Getting comfy

Being comfy in bed and feel yourself drifting off to sleep after a long day.


5. Head action

F–k yeah. I’m a relatively large/masculine dude and my friends don’t know this about me but I secretly turn into a greedy f–kin kitten when I get my head scratched. My wife doesn’t have anywhere near the same sensation. I’m balding and I tell her if she scratches my head the hair roots will be healthier. My #1 best deception.


6. The final payment

Omg, do it again. Slower.


7. End of a migraine episode

I don’t know if yours last for a few days, but I’ve had them last as long as 3 weeks. That first morning where I wake up with no pain and able to see clearly is unreal. I’ve had a few other times where I suddenly felt releaf [sic] from pain, and damn that is good feeling.


8. Popcorn recovery

When that piece of popcorn finally comes out from between your teeth or gums.


9. Scratching

Scratching your ankles right after taking off your socks.


10. Letting your hair down…

Equally satisfying: running your fingers through you hair after taking out your ponytail and letting your hair down.


11. Crack…ing

Cracking your back when you really need it.

Better than sex sometimes.


12. Stretching

I do a full body stretch sometimes right after a long drive. I’ll open my driver door, stick my legs out and full body stretch over into the passenger seat. Probably one of the best feelings ever.


13. Breathing

The moment when you’ve been congested all day and one nostril finally opens.


14. More moments that involve peeing…

When I passed my first kidney stone I had a partial blockage which meant that for about 6 weeks I constantly felt like I had to pee…24/7, the kind of having-to-pee like after a long night of drinking…but every time I tried to pee only a few drops would come out and the urge to pee never went away.

When I passed the stone and heard the PLINK! as it hit the porcelain followed by my first real piss in over a month…I don’t think any orgasm will ever come close to how good that felt.


15. Back scratches

Actual waves of pleasure spreading over my back right there.


16. Hearing a great song

This is the best answer for me. All the other top comments definitely capture the feeling of release and relaxation that comes with an orgasm, but the only thing that’s really given me the same intense, overwhelming sensation has been music.


17. Butt stuff

Finally taking a huge dump after holding it in. When Etta James sang “At last” that’s what she was talking about.


18. Straight cuts

When you hold the scissors still and they cut straight through the wrapping paper.


19. No more pressure

You know when you go swimming, or even just tilt your head the wrong way in the shower, and you get water stuck in your ear? You shake your head back and forth trying to get it out. You even jump up and down with your head leaning over sideways. But the water just won’t budge.

You eventually go to bed and lay on your side, hoping gravity will pull the water loose. You lay there, waiting and hoping. Finally, it happens. That water in your ear breaks loose with a single, crisp swoosh sound. You can finally hear clearly again, and you can go to sleep with no more pressure in your ear.

That’s a good feeling right there.


20. Farts

Hello, can I please tell someone that I’ve been fairly unsocial during the pandemic and now anytime I’m im public for a long amount of time, I get major stomach cramps because I’m holding in so many farts. And as soon as I get into my car, I let them ALL out and it’s so satisfying and gross and—dare I say?—orgasmic.