People Share The Pandemic Habits They’re Keeping (20 Posts)

After the Spanish Flu in 1918, things reverted to normal pretty quickly — except for the loss of the communal cup and a new revulsion for spitting.

So knowing that Americans are pretty elastic when it comes to societal changes, I’ve had to wonder: what’s going to stick around after OUR pandemic in 2020? u/NativeSniper over on Reddit recently asked the same question, writing:

“What’s one thing we did before the pandemic that even if the world went back to normal you wouldn’t do again?”

And I combed through the answers to take note of the best ones — for you AND for me!

So what are you going to keep around?

1. Masks

Not wearing masks.

I have respiratory issues, so I get sick a lot. 2-3 colds a year, constant bronchitis, the flu every couple years at least. Occasionally, I even throw in a bout of pneumonia, just to mix things up. In the winter time, I live on a diet of Benadryl, Nyquil, and misery.

This February, it will be 2 years since I’ve had so much as a sniffle.


2. No to cruises

Go on a cruise. My group of friends has gone on multiple cruises together and I really enjoyed them, but that was pre-pandemic. Now I can’t see a cruise ship as anything but a floating Petri dish.


3. Medical check ups

I used to have to travel to a medical specialist 80 miles away every month to get a check-up and have my Rx refilled. Yes, the initial exam for diagnostic reasons was essential — but follow-up appointments can be handled (for most patients), by telephone or video calls.


4. F-ck you, gig economy

As much as I love the convenience of DoorDash and Seamless, I’d rather help the small businesses in my community stick around. I’ve actually picked up a phone and ordered food like it’s the 90s.


5. Gyms

Work out in a gym.

I used to do the home gym thing back in the day only for January/February because of the New Year’s crowds with a few hand weights/videos I picked up here and there. Now thanks to YouTube, there’s literally thousands of workouts to choose from and if I ever decide to go the trainer route, I can do it through Zoom.

My last gym workout was just as covid was starting and I was horrified by the lack of hygiene some folks had, especially not wiping down machines after use.


6. Socializing

Staying in my apartment by myself and never socializing. The pandemic has made me realize how much I actually miss people, especially my friends and family. It turns out that I actually do need to socialize quite a bit in order to keep my mental health from taking a nosedive.


7. Job?

Ask someone what they do for a living upon the first meeting.

Life is SO much more than that. And you shouldn’t have work be assumed to be a pivotal part of your identity. If you’re a complete bore and I can’t coax any other conversation out of you, the conversation might get to the point of us talking about it, but I’ll consider it a bad conversation at that point. Before, it was so common as to almost be phatic. Not anymore. Not for me.


8. Showing up sick

I think the idea of powering through was taught to us in grade school. My school had an award for zero days missed. This manipulated us to be good boys and girls to always show up.

Not anymore!


9. Spread out

Standing ass to dicks in line, I love how everyone, at least in my area, just kept up with the social distancing when standing in line at the cashier.


10. Invites

Accept people’s invitations just because they invite me, not because I actually want to see them.



Commute to work 1.5 hours each way 5 days a week so I can sit in my office and write emails and talk on the phone.


12. Wasting time

Daily commute. Our company is committed to 3 days a week max in the office. I’ve been in twice since the pandemic and the colossal amount of wasted time really stunned me.


13. Open office

Work in open offices. They were waking nightmares for me even before, what with no privacy, routinely being a dull roar and requiring noise canceling headphones to be able to think clearly, and I fucking hate bosses watching me like buzzards eyeing a dying water buffalo. Now that I’ve worked remotely for years, including now for an absurdly well known company, I ain’t coming back to your dogshit open offices. I’ll come back if you give me my own office. Oh, you won’t give me one? And you want me in the office at least two days a week in Manhattan for your opportunity? Hard pass.


14. Burn out

Having a non-stop out all day go, go, go schedule. I understand now why I was constantly feeling frustrated. I was completely burnt out and had no me time. Now I don’t make so many commitments to social events, work things, extra stuff and I can’t imagine ever stretching myself so thin again.


15. Work from home

It’s going to take a lot of money to convince me not to work from home any more.


16. Curbside pickup

Curbside pick up.

With kids it has been great to not have to get them out/in the car for a quick pickup at a store.

I assume this has been a blessing for those with disabilities who can drive but still struggle getting out and into a car.


17. Delivery

On that note, more companies doing home delivery. Living in a small town and being disabled my life has improved dramatically with companies now doing delivery so that they can stay open.


18. Overtime

Overtime on salary. Pay me or f-ck off.


19. Overwork

Work more than 40 hours a week. I used to put in 70 hours some weeks. While the money was good, I realized during the pandemic that I can survive with less and don’t need to work myself to death.


20. Bras

That’s it. That’s the whole thing we’ll never wear bras again. RIP, bras.

— me.