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People Are Discussing Things America Does Metter Than Most Other Countries (25 Pics)

American history has plenty of blemishes that have rightly been called out many times, but sometimes we get it right.

People are discussing those things in this viral AskReddit thread. Here’s how people responded to the following prompt.

What does America do better than most other countries?



Turning corn into things that are not corn.


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I love the Interstate Rest Areas on road trips. I’m a Canadian from the west coast and was always VERY impressed with the 24/7 rest areas. Clean washrooms, nice grassy areas for dogs, picnic tables, and a lot of times people selling crafts, or offering free coffee!

I’ve only driven through the western states, (WA, OR, CA, NV, UT, AZ) but yeah, those rest areas were always reliable. Always well-marked signs when the next one was coming up. Just made everything about traveling easier! Thanks, neighbors!


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I was going to say cornbread but everyone said rest stops. Have y’all ever had cornbread??


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The Mississippi River is the most overpowered transportation system on the face of the earth. – Real Life Lore


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National Parks


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TheBladeRoden: Aircraft carriers

QueenCityKings Replied: The US has more aircraft carriers than every other country on earth, combined. Add in Helo carriers from every country and the U.S. still almost beats everyone.


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Geodiversity. We have nearly every biome on Earth available in the lower 48 alone. Adding Alaska and Hawaii just completes the set.

Question: Is there any biome that doesn’t exist in The US?


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Make sure there’s ice in your beverage


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Serious answer? Logistics. We’re quite a large country and we’ve gotten very good at moving things around.


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Putting people on the moon & putting cheese-like substances in spray cans. Nobody else comes close.


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Buffets. No buffet I’ve had can beat the ones I had in the states.


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Say what you want about America, their entertainment industry is amazing. They excel in all categories of entertainment; Electronic gaming, Sports (except soccer), Adult, Music, etc. I don’t know about theatre, I’m not qualified for that.


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Wilderness/land conservation. Hands down. It still isn’t enough and it’s largely a product of the fact that this continent was industrialized/colonized so late in the game + its sheer vastness, but we have some of the best land conservation schemes on the planet. It might be the only thing where I prefer the US over much of Europe, and it’s a huge thing.


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While we have a LONG way to go, the USA is comparatively better than a lot of places regarding supporting people with disabilities.


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The ability of the American farmer to produce food. It is really staggering the amount of food that is grown here.


CrundleMonster: Right turn on a red light

ens91 Replied:

Coming from the UK, I hadn’t seen this before. I now live in China, and I think it’s deathly. Because in China at least, the car can turn right on a red, but pedestrians can also cross the road. I would imagine the pedestrian is supposed to have right of way, but in China, it seems nobody gives a hoot about the right of way rules.


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Interstate highway system that stays relatively consistent across the entire country, national park system (well-maintained, affordable, open to anyone). If you’re in a major city you have access to almost any cuisine in the world. If you want to be an entrepreneur it’s encouraged (tax incentives support this and there isn’t a lot of red tape). Finally, freedom of speech (this is very much subject to debate), but compared to much of the rest of the world and how citizens in other countries feel about openly stating their opinion, Americans are much less concerned about legal/government ramifications.


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All of these bad comments though. Yes, I’m aware this country has its problems. But as a minority and 2nd generation immigrant, this country is amazing as well. No country is perfect but I’m sooo glad I live here vs where my parents and grandparents came from.


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Holidays. My favorite time to be an American is October, I love how hype we get about Halloween here.


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American football teams from the US are the best in the world


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Women’s sports are really well supported here – so are female athletes.

Despite many memes, Americans might say about it – if you go to other countries female athletics is really almost non-existent.


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Handicap/wheelchair accessibility. Even in smaller towns, our family members in a wheelchair got in and out of restaurants and stores easily.


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Air conditioners everywhere and free public restrooms. You have to pay to use the restrooms in Europe.


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Honestly? Being friendly and welcoming to strangers. Saying this as a Canadian.


Business. Hands down. It’s their biggest advantage in my opinion. Deals with Americans just get done easier. Compared to other countries American businesses are more open-minded to new things, don’t try to fuck you over, want a win for both sides, want simpler agreements, negotiate fairly, hold up their end of the bargain, etc.

If you have ever done business internationally you really see what a strong advantage it is. In other countries, everyone is fucking everyone over, or are close-minded, slow as snails, and obsessed with bureaucracy. Commerce just flows better there.