People Are Sharing The Pettiest Hill They’ll Die On In This Viral Thread

No one likes a petty person, but we all have one thing that will forever bug us. If you don’t I’d be willing to bet that you’re lying.

It’s usually the little things that really get to us. Things like not returning the shopping cart after you’rer done using it. Also, people who talk while on speaker phone are just a couple of things people are discussing in this AskReddit thread.

See how many of these you relate to.

What is the smallest, pettiest hill you’ll still die on?



Selective Focus Photo of Woman in Red Long Sleeve Sweater and Blue Jeans Sitting on Metal Railing While Talking on the Phone

No one wants to hear your phone conversations in public. NO ONE.


white printer paperr

If today is Monday, then the upcoming Saturday is considered “this Saturday” not “next Saturday”. “Next” would be two Saturdays from now.

Fight me.


Anonymous person pressing button of lift
via, Photo by Kelly on Pexels

It’s common courtesy to wait for someone to come off the elevator before entering.


gray and red shopping carts

Put your goddamn shopping cart/trolley in the corral


black typewriter

Adding ‘s at the end of a word does not make it plural.

I’ve seen it in ads. I’ve seen it on signs. I’ve even seen it on a flyer someone wrote advertising their services as a writer.

People walk around like it’s normal! Out in the street! Saying that they have 14 chicken’s! Like monsters!

I will die on this hill over and over until my assembled corpses make it into a slightly bigger hill.


shallow focus photography of cigarette butt
via, Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

Throwing your cigarette butts is littering.


Unrecognizable young upset female millennial with dark hair in stylish sweater covering face with hand while siting on chair at home
via, Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels

I don’t care how you pronounce them, but it’s written “could/would/should/might HAVE”, not “could of”.


White Toilet Paper Roll on Toilet Paper Holder
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The toilet paper roll goes over not under!!!


Happy little ethnic child blowing out candles during birthday celebration

When a kid has a birthday, only HE gets to blow out the candles! It INFURIATES me to my very soul when I see other kids try to blow them out. The only thing worse is when adults LET THEM.


Man in Black Suit Jacket Holding Black Leather Bag

Being late, making others wait, or any other method of wasting another’s time is stealing the most valuable, non-retrievable, irreplaceable thing in their life.


Father Carrying Her Child Getting Pack of Pasta
via, Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

It is possible to look at something on a grocery store shelf without blocking the whole aisle. Looking at you, shoppers in a certain Aldi this afternoon …


Irritated ethnic female entrepreneur in casual wear sitting at table with netbook and touching head while waiting for internet connection during remote work

It’s “I couldn’t care less”
“I could care less” doesn’t even make sense.


Woman Eating Bruschetta
via, Photo by Adrienn on Pexels

Don’t talk with your mouth full of food.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to see partially chewed food in your mouth.


Woman Sitting on Poolside Using Laptop

When I have time approved off from work and something goes wrong, no it is not my responsibility to log back on and take care of it.


group of people walking on the streets

Big groups who won’t make way on the sidewalk. If you won’t move I will walk right into you.


That you need to let people off the f*****g subway before you get on. My guy, you will get on – let me off first!


Vehicle in Road at Golden Hour
via, Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Use the left lane for passing and then get back into the doggone right lane. Grew up in Germany where that’s enforced on the Autobahn.

American left-lane hogs drive me nuts, especially when they go five miles under the speed limit. What’s the friggin’ point?


Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance bottle on white wooden table

Cologne (and perfume) should be discovered, not announced.
Stop weaponizing that s**t by bathing in it.


Person Holding Black Smartphone

Scrolling through TikTok/Reels/whatever with your volume up in public or semi-public places (transit, waiting room, restaurant).


palm trees near blue concrete building

Bank of America charged me $2 for a miscellaneous charge, in 1997. I called to ask what it was for because there was no reason. The lady on the phone said, well, I can’t tell you because it is miscellaneous. I asked her to then please reverse it and she refused.

I pulled all three of my accounts from them and moved them to a credit union and ever since, full stop refuse to have a damn thing with that company.


Selective Focus Photography of Grilled Slice of Meat and Tomatoes
via, Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Fish is meat.

I had one friend who would not let it go and argued that it was not and it was ‘just fish’ so much that it became a running joke.


Crop disappointed young ethnic female with dark hair in casual clothes grabbing head with hands and looking down while sitting against white wall at home
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Piqued my interest.
It’s not “peaked”


Red and White Stop Sign

Don’t wave me through the 4 way stop to “be nice”, just take your goddamn turn.


person holding black ace and king spades playing cards on poker table

You “lose” a bet. You don’t “loose” a bet


white microwave oven turned off
via, Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

If you open the microwave before it’s done clear the timer so the next person doesn’t have to try to figure out why it’s not starting.


The meteorological phenomenon is “lightning”, NOT “lightening”


Surface Level of Fallen Leaves on Tree Trunk
via, Photo by Juraj Masar on Pexels

When you’re inside it’s the floor, when you are outside it’s the ground.


Woman in Black Knit Cap and Red Shirt

Do not ask questions you know the answer to. “Are you crying?” no Sharon I am just sweating through my eyes, that’s why I look so upset.


Annoyed black woman having video chat on smartphone at home
via, Photo by Alex Green on Pexels

Saying “irregardless”, despite the fact it’s in the dictionary (albeit, as a “nonstandard”), makes you look and sound like a f*****g moron.

“Regardless” does the job. It means “without regard”. So adding the prefix “ir-“ is goddamned redundant.


black and white digital clock at 10 00

“6 a.m. in the morning.”

No. Just no.


person holding white and red card

It is a PIN, not a PIN number. PIN stands for personal identification number.

Just like it is an ATM, not an ATM machine.


group of people walking on the streets

Sidewalk and hallway traffic should move like road traffic. Stick to the side of the sidewalk or hallway based on the direction you are going. I will not move out of my way for you if you are walking on the wrong side.