Physically Attractive People Are Sharing What They’re Insecure About (20 Posts)

Everyone has something they feel uncertain about or some part of themselves they’re insecure about. And while we tend to think that beautiful people have it made, they’re people too and they have insecurities just like everyone else. Thanks to u/pauseitron_over on AskReddit, we’ve seen the answers to the question:

“People who’re considered physically attractive, what are some of the things that you feel insecure about?”

1. Height

I’m short. As a 5’5 male compliments are nearly always followed up with something along the lines of “if only you were taller.”


2. Job

My job and income. (I’m a receptionist)


3. Meaning

Whether I mean as much to the people who mean so much to me.


4. My face

I’m considered “physically attractive” from the neck down, which is fair, I agree. So, my face is what I’m insecure about.


5. Personality

I was considered quite attractive in my 20s and never had much trouble meeting guys. But I had real trouble keeping boyfriends. I was told more than once that I was boring. I’m quiet and a huge introvert and am perfectly happy spending a day reading or watching movies. But I guess that wasn’t fun for the men I liked. So as a result I was, and still am quite insecure about my personality.


6. Love

My partner not really loving me.


7. The “For Now” Girl

I have this but I am female, guys will date me for months saying all the things I want to hear and sleep with me, only to then tell me they’ve found someone else and they’re together, I have been told numerous times I was used as an ego boost by guys I generally liked, I’m actually still friends with one. Now I have been single for 7 years (I’ve had some dates) with huge trust issues, knowing the older I get as a woman the less attractive I become and it’s a never-ending cycle.


8. A few things

I worry about how I look without clothes, my personality flaws, and my income (guy btw).


9. Other people

When I was thin and hot, my boyfriend told me he was scared I’d cheat on him because I could “get someone better.” He ended up cheating on me, saying he couldn’t take the pressure. I worry about that still. Even though I’m single I have a hard time trusting someone’s loyalty


10. My personality

I have a feeling people automatically assume I am this insanely extroverted, confident and resourceful person.

Then I get anxious feeling that I am disappointing when I am not what they expected me to be. So I guess the answer is I am insecure about my personality etc. living up to the initial projections people place on me, giving me kind of a performance anxiety.


11. Boring

How cool I actually am. I’m a good looking guy but I’ve had a boring life in some capacities. When the world shut down last year I found out other people had to give up a lot more fun and exciting plans than I did. That really hit home and I’m working to change it.


12. Flirting

Accidentally flirting. When I just smile or laugh at a joke, people assume I’m just straight up flirting when I’m just trying to have a good time and not to flirt.


13. Ethnicity

People will often say “you’re attractive for an Asian guy.” It often gives me the impression that I’m just decent enough for them to acknowledge me yet not attractive enough for them to date.


14. Teeth

My teeth. Classically handsome but I can’t smile without feeling self conscious…


15. Bald

I used to be insecure about balding but now I just shave my head. I’m used to it now.


16. Body

My stomach.


17. Glasses

I’ve had a girl in highschool say I look much more attractive without my glasses. It hurt a lot considering I need these to function in the world. I can’t wear contacts because my eyes are sensitive to everything and I can’t get corrective surgery because they aren’t strong enough to handle the procedure.


18. Aging

Aging. When I was in my 20s, everybody used to give me compliments. Now that I am in my 30s this happens way less than before. And I know that this should not bother me too much, but it does make me insecure about myself.


19. All of it

My voice. My facial expressions. My interactions with other people. My hips. The way I talk. The way I walk. The way I sit. What my hair does in the wind. I’m a mess. Just go.


20. Atypical Neuro

My personality. No use being cute when you have too much trauma and atypical neurodevelopment to interact comfortably with anybody.