People Share Things They Think Everyone Else Only Pretends To Like (17 Posts)

You ever hear people talking about how much they love something that you don’t get at all? Maybe it’s extreme sports or reality TV or old movies—there are plenty of things people claim to enjoy that just don’t make sense.

Redditor u/DionSinghLanda apparently wanted to r/AskReddit to get to the bottom of things when they asked:

“What’s something you’re sure everyone is just pretending to like?”

It’s time to root out all these liars and get people to finally admit: The Masked Singer sucks.

1. Work parties

Employer’s holiday parties.


2. Getting roasted

Getting roasted on r/roastme. Sincerely, I’m too sensitive for that


3. Hustle culture

Overworking every day, in every aspect of life, has to burn you out. I think it gets to a point of vindictive “I suffered and so must you”, as well as weird masochism. You can be successful while maintaining boundaries, erasing them just sets a new and unattainable “normal.”


4. Reality TV shows

Shows like Masked Singer and the like.


5. Flat Earth theory

I don’t believe you. You don’t really think that. You’re pretending for the sake of obstinacy.


6. NFTs

NFTs were the moment I realized that I was old. I still don’t exactly get what the f-ck they are? Or what they’re for? Or why people spend what appears to be tons of money on them? No amount of googling has helped lol

Alphawolfsquadron7 & rustymontenegro

7. “Like and share – 1 like = 1 prayer”

No Rebecca – you don’t really care about this family/child/person etc.! Stop pretending!


8. Influencers

Seriously. Who the hell cares what the very few chosen/popular people are saying and doing, and what they’re shilling?

My life has enough drama with just myself and my family and friends.


9. Facebook

Everyone who has quit it is happier.


10. Lip fillers

The injected lips trend. People don’t really like this right..?


11. Kids that aren’t your own

Other people’s kids


12. Corporate jobs

Working a corporate job and using phrases like “manage client expectations” and “circle back” and pretending to care about things that are absolutely irrelevant and meaningless to anything that actually matters in life.


13. Cake fondant

It’s like edible crayons. Sure you CAN technically eat it….

ClockwiseServant & landofthebeez

14. Family vacations

Vacationing with extended family.


15. Getting too drunk

Getting absolutely f-cking wasted to the point you pass out and lose all memory of it the next day


16. Church on Sunday

Everyone is always like, “I’m filled with joy, i love Church!”. You look at the faces, no ones body language says joy.

I think everyone is lying to everyone else, no one enjoys it like that. They’re all just to afraid to be the first one to say, ‘No im not happy today my house burned down we got issues Jesus…’

Yes, I’m Catholic.


17. Pregnancy

In any other context the vast majority of women would hate gaining massive amounts of weight, puking, skin mapped with scars from blowing up so rapidly, feet and face swelling, nipples darkening and expanding, crying spells, etc. Obviously many are excited about the product of it, but I genuinely don’t believe all the women who say “I LOVE pregnancy! I LOVE getting fat and feeling like I have the flu for nine months! I feel so beautiful!”