People Are Revealing Things They’re Pretty Sure They’re Doing Wrong But Are Too Afraid To Ask (25 Posts)

Redditor Wijting asked the Ask/Reddit community to share things they think they’re doing wrong but are too scared to ask anyone about; the people there wrote a pretty impressive list, so we’ve gathered the top 25 for you. Enjoy!

1. Lunch Break

I have no idea if my lunch break is an hour or 30 minutes.

Where my office is located in my building, my boss and co-workers can’t see me leave for lunch. When I started, I just began taking hour lunches like I did at my last job. Recently, I heard a co-worker mention taking her 30 minute lunch.

I’ve been taking hour long lunches for 6 years and it’s way past the point of asking…


2. Texting

I have no idea how often I should text, call or hang out with a friend to maintain a friendship. Especially long distance. I’ve lost friends over the years because I hate texting and don’t understand how often I need to keep in touch with someone. The only friends I’ve kept are the ones I can meet in person.


3. Deer in headlights

I feel like I’m really articulate when I’m going about my day especially over text, but as soon as I get into a verbal disagreement, it’s like my brain shuts off and I forget how to think. Like a deer in the headlights. I don’t remember it always being this way, but it’s like I struggle to accurately express myself.


4. Parenting

Parenting. For the last 20 years.

They all appear to be functioning human beings, so we can’t be too far off the mark, but I do worry we’ve screwed up somewhere along the line and they’ll pay the price for our mistakes in the future.


5. Flirting

Flirting. Let’s face it. I don’t even know what the heck that is, how it works and what the difference between talking and flirting is. Funny enough, apparently that leads to me constantly flirty without wanting to be. At least, I often get told that I flirt with almost every single person I meet.


6. Money

My finances – no idea how to properly manage my money.


7. Posture

Literally just standing still. I have terrible posture.


8. Life


Like what I supposed to be doing? I have about 80 years total. So far, I’ve learned stuff, got married, and got a good job. Am I just grinding out the rest of my years?


9. Depression

Treating my depression.

I’ve been in therapy for years now, have tried various anti-depressants, made huge life changes including abstaining from alcohol, removed toxic relationships, even changing my diet. I’ve tried everything I can find, and, if anything, things are getting worse. It’s getting to the point where tomorrow I have an appointment to find out if I have cancer, and can’t decide if I will bother with treatment in the case that I do.


10. Society

I really wish someone could supervise me during social interactions and give me real honest feedback about what I am doing wrong.


11. In charge

Supervising. I am put in the position, but just rely on the efficiency of my subordinates. As soon as there’s someone who’s lazy or a troublemaker, I’ve got to figure out how to approach it.


12. Relationships

Relationships. Throughout my life I’ve never gotten much romantic attention, and when I do receive it, I tend to be obnoxiously clingy, which leads to being left alone again. I don’t know how to break this habit, because my emotions are just strong.


13. Work

My job.

Everyone says I’m doing great and praises me for being so efficient or being ahead on my training but I feel like I’m constantly having to ask questions and do extensive research on what the f**k I’m supposed to do in specific situations.


14. Anger

How to handle anger? I’m too embarrassed to ask.


15. Showers

Showering. I have very very long thick hair and I just kind of blast shampoo and conditioner at it. People ask me what I do to keep my hair so nice and I have no idea what to say. People seem to have such complex hair rituals and I’m here just apeing it up.


16. Kissing

Kissing. I’ve had no complaints but it’s not really something your parents taught you to do properly.


17. Being firm

Standing up for myself and maintaining boundaries. I’m working on it but it’s hard because I am just figuring it out (kind of) and people keep trying to push me back to being the doormat I used to be. It’s so tempting to be that person again because I hate disrupting the calm, but I was just so tired.


18. Convos

General conversation I just suck at talking to people I don’t really know or don’t know at all. Sometimes when I get tips for stuff I respond “yes” or “ok” or “thank you” and even that feels weird or wrong, even the action of saying “hello” feels off… It even happens with firends sometimes…


19. Adulthood

Anything related to being an adult, straight up no F**king idea what I’m doing…


20. 8 hour day?

When I started my first job I didn’t know if an 8 hour work day meant including the break or not, and I was too afraid to ask.


21. Dating

Dating. Like how the f**k do you find people, that are equally interested in going out with you as you are with them. And then you somehow have to notice that they’d be interested in going out. I just don’t understand it, and it sometimes makes me feel like I’ll never go on one because of it.


22. Speak Up

How to speak up on problems or expressing certain emotions. I keep stuff bottled up inside.


23. Studying

Studying. I have no idea how other people do it. When I read something I retain very little of it, so I resort to writing down what I think are important details, which is most things for me, but it takes so long and I still have to rely on my brain to remember thing by simple repetition.


24. Picky eating

Being a picky eater. So preparing food, I’ve been wanting to try new things, but I have no idea what to buy, how to prepare it, and it scares me to ask because I don’t want it to sound like I’m some sort of alien.


25. PhD.

My PhD.

Going into my third year and I still don’t feel as if I ever adjusted, or developed healthy habits.

Just trying to take it a day at a time and not procrastinate beyond no return.