“What’s The Sad Reality Of Being An Adult That Young People Should Know?”—18 Replies

It seems like kids all want to do the things that grown-ups do. Adults were always saying annoying things like “don’t try to grow up too fast” or “you’ll have plenty of time to do those things when you’re older. Well, it turns out, they were 100% correct. Being an adult sucks.

Maybe the warnings weren’t honest enough for our tiny minds to heed? People are sharing the disappointing realities of being an adult they think the youths should know.

“What’s the sad reality of being an adult that young people should know now?” –u/noterwinrommel

The thread might seem like a long depressing list of adulthood disappointments and, well yeah, it’s basically that. But there are some good life lessons in here that might be useful if you ever run into your younger self some time.

Here are the 20 most important warnings of adulthood according to the people of Reddit.

1. Learn to like eating salads

“Eating all the snacks is not a good idea.” –fernrylie

2. You’ll have become your own Mommy

“No one else has time to look out for you. They’re busy looking out for themselves. So, save money, eat healthy, get enough sleep. No one else is going to make sure you’re doing those things.” –gowahoo

3. You’ll miss getting grounded

“There are actual consequences for just doing whatever you want.” –MarvelousOxman

4. If you think they’re old now, imagine them when you’re an adult

“One day your parents will need your help from getting older and they likely won’t tell you. One day you show up for a visit and it hits like a ton of bricks that they need help.” –Lotus_12

5. You’ll welcome your time-outs

“As an adult you’ll find yourself wanting to be alone. Yet you’ll realize you don’t want to be lonely.” –FusRoDoodles

6. Alright, we’re getting a little too real

“You don’t have much free time and no one will take care of you.” –PotboundRoebuck32

7. Google “Rogaine” ASAP

“That beautiful head of hair you are so proud of, might not be permanent. Keep an eye on that hairline fellas.” –PDM_13

8. Boring becomes fun

“Day to day can be very boring, and more often then not, if it’s not boring, you’re going to wish it was!” –i_cant_turn_1eft

9. Sh*t gets real, real fast

“Life and opportunity isn’t nearly as long and boundless as it seems as a kid.” –QNGR

10. If you’re shy, you’re screwed.

“If you don’t put yourself out there you won’t have friends.” –CaptainBlighe

11. Eat your damn vegetables

“The health isn’t thing you must take for granted. You should care about it.” –nkeer

12. A bowling analogy to lighten the mood

“Childhood is heavily structured, sort of like having bumpers on a bowling lane…[in adulthood] the bumpers come off, the lanes disappear, and you’re a bowling ball sitting in an empty field.” –The_Law_of_Pizza

13. You will be the adult you’re suppose to go ask

“You’re the person you used to look for when you needed help and you’re never ready for that.” –Relative_Economics17

14. Prep for long distance friends

“If you’re concerned your friends will move away and you’ll never see them, you’re right.
My dear-to-the-heart friends from when I was a teenager, that are still my closet friends today, I see once every 2 – 6 years. A couple of them once every 10.” –Happy8Day

15. Choose the right major in college

“The older you get, the harder it becomes to choose different life paths, whether you like the path you’re currently on or not.” –DeathSpiral321

16. Not sure they were doing this in the first place but…

“People usually don’t give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.” –bigoldeek

17. Being rich is goal

“Money really does buy happiness. It’s not the money itself, it’s the freedom and opportunity it gives you. Unfortunately you need it not just to survive, but to create the life you want. You may think it’s not important to you now, but it’s easy to say that when all your needs are being met. If you want to maintain the carefree days of childhood with the freedom of adulthood, you need money.” –kaydiva

18. Warm baths and ointment will no longer be the enemy

“Pain from doing nothing. Just hurting because you’re old.” –bnetana1