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People Are Sharing The Scariest True Stories They’ve Heard (20 Stories)

11. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

“My maternal grandfather, in the days before hot water on tap, put a big pot on to boil before leaving for work for his wife and kids to bathe with. The pot boiled over and extinguished the flame, and he returned to find them dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. My mother was of his second marriage.” — motherofshadow

12. The Blue Ring Octopus

“The blue-ring octopus has a venom that causes paralysis, causing people to die of cardiac arrest or because of hypoxia. There is no antidote; the ‘cure’ is CPR or life-support for the hour-or-so it takes for the the venom to leave the body. There was a man who was bitten by a blue-ring octopus. As the life-guard was preforming CPR, he was lying on his back on the beach, facing the sky, eyes frozen open. Unable to close his eyes or communicate with the others, he lied there as the sun slowly burnt out his retinas. He became permanently blind.” — Gay-and-Happy

13. The Timothy Evans Wrongful Execution

“In 1949, Timothy Evans was wrongly executed for murdering his pregnant wife and daughter. The actual murderer, John Christie, was a prosecution witness at Evans’ trial. After Evans was executed, Christie went on to kill four more people. Had the police handled the forensic evidence properly, Christie would have been caught when they were investigating Evans, and those four people would still be alive. The government didn’t acknowledge that Evans was innocent until 2004.” — epsonabcdefg

14. A Near-Kidnapping

“When I was 7 I was raking rocks in my aunts front yard and a beat up pickup truck pulled up. The man got out, fiddled with something under the hood and then closed it. He asked me ‘hey kid do you know how to pop a clutch?’ Spending my childhood on a farm, I did indeed know how. ‘Yes’ I responded – ‘give me a hand real quick’ he said. So I started walking towards his truck, at the last second my mom called out to me from the garage and I turned around to see what she wanted. I heard the door slam, the truck start, and he drove away. That memory never really came up until one day, about 30 years later I jump up after laying down to go to bed when out of nowhere it came back and it hit me: This guy was trying to kidnap me. What the f*ck???? What bullet did I dodge?? I mean you ever have a memory come back and you get scared? I mean scared over the memory? I was shaking for at least a half hour over it. It’s still freaks me out thinking about it.” — BubbleBassV2

15. The USS West Virginia

“The USS west Virginia was a ship damaged during the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the ship was attacked the people on board heard banging noises coming from inside the ship, turns out that these noises were people. They were trapped in a room to where they couldn’t be broken out of it because of the water that would seep in and drown them and they couldn’t be brought out from the top because of the gasses that lingered there that were extremely flammable, when the vessel was salvaged 6 months later the bodies of these 3 men were found, the other things that remained were empty cans of food and water and a calendar marked from December 7th to December 23rd. This means they were trapped in there for 16 days. They probably kept wondering if they were ever going to make it out and then had to come to the realization that they might not be saved, and they had the fear of drowning in the tight little compartment of the ship. They had to face the realization that you are going to die and the psychological torture that goes along with it.” — Yeetus_The_Feetus_69

16. Cats Eating A Dead Body

“I don’t know if it’s scary but when I was younger me and my twin brother would help our friend do his paper route . One summer we could smell something gross coming from one of the houses. We all didn’t think anything of it until three days later when the smell was reaching down the driveway. We went to the back door where he normally dropped the paper and noticed it was open. We went in and looked around the house and found the owner dead. He had died of a heart attack and his cats were eating him.” — DarthTrafford

17. Sinking Ship

“A guy in a sinking ship found an oxygen bubble and only drank a sip of diet coke every 7 hours. He was rescued after 60 hours after being under constant danger from drowning and even sharks.” — NoLiferBg

18. The Reyna Marroquin Story

“The Reyna Marroquin story. A young lady had an affair with her boss in the 1960s, got pregnant. After threatening to tell her boss’ wife, she was killed by her boss who then put her body in an industrial barrel. He hid the barrel in his house for years and none of the various owners opened it due to the weight. Finally one guy decided to dispose of it in the 90s and when he opened it he saw it contained something. An investigation traced the barrel and girl back to the man who then killed himself before police could come arrest him after confirming he was the father of the unborn baby via DNA. The lady’s mother was in her late 80s when she was told her missing daughter was finally found. She claims that she had been having dreams about her daughter being inside a metal container for years after she had gone missing.” — __Dawn__Amber

19. Autopsy

“I worked in forensic medicine. My boss had to perform an autopsy on a chopped-off head that was found by two completely traumatized children. The autopsy itself took 7 hours because the person had over 56 different injuries to the head.” — Fl1p1

20. The Catacombs In Paris

“This isn’t a scary story, but it’s spooky and always captured my imagination. One day a bunch of, I think they were police in training, explored some of the catacombs under Paris. A lot of them are completely unmapped. They entered an area and heard dogs barking and snarling. They continued going and saw there were speakers mounted on the wall, playing prerecorded dog sounds and cameras. They continued. They came into this huge opening and found a cinema. It was lavishly decorated. It had projectors and a mix of old and new movies. It even had electricity running and three phone lines. The police marked where they were and went back outside. The next day the returned to try and investigate further with more experienced officers. Everything was gone. All the wiring had been ripped out, all the furniture was gone. All that remained was a note that said ‘Do not try to find us.’ As far as I know, they never figured out who was there.” — Fabulous_Feruchemist

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